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Oct 22

SNAP Silent Auction 2015 – October 25-28 Come, Shop, Send!

Fourth Annual Silent Auction for SNAP!

All proceeds from the auction will go towards the ongoing costs for our North Africa Missionary Families. This is a great opportunity to get Christmas shopping done early!

Items for sale include several original works of art, drawing lessons, North African textiles, Elite Dance Theater tickets, 1 week Cocoa Beach vacation home, painting service, teeth whitening, one time yard cleanup, professional yard care, hand made jewelry, salon gift card, teeth whitening, gift baskets, a pie per month, Nolan Ryan autographed baseball, Club level Lobo basketball tickets, and way more!

The auction opens at 8AM Sunday October 25th in the West Wing and will close at 1PM.

It will be open again from 9AM to 3PM Monday through Wednesday, and until 6:15PM on Wednesday before the Lord’s Supper service begins.

Winners will be posted in the foyer and items will be available for pick up following the service.


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Camera Setup: "BetterLight 8000 | IR 2mm | NorthLight 900W", Artwork Image: "Turquoise Poppies.tif", Artwork Colors: "Acrylic Paints.txt", White Image: "Turquoise Poppies WC.tif", White Colors: "LARGE WHITE CARD_M0 Two_M0.txt", Yoked Image: "Turquoise Poppies_yoked.tif"

“Turquoise Poppies”

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