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Jun 2

Guatemala Medical Trip Field Update

2016 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi,Trips

The Medical team arrived in Guatemala City late Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, after some weather delays in Houston. They’ve reconnected with our friends and partners there in Achiland and have a few new friends and partners in the gospel along for the ride for the first time from Iglesia Reforma in Guatemala City.

We’ve made it to San Miguel! Please pray for the following schedule that God will keep us well, but more importantly that we will trust him well even if our bodies don’t stay well. Please ask, too, that as we help folks suffering with physical issues that we and our Achi partners can point them to the gospel which heals our biggest disease of sin and death, forever.

2016 Guatemala Medical Mission Schedule

Wednesday, June 1:  Medical Team Arrived in San Miguel
Thursday, June 2:  Clinics in Buena Vista
Friday, June 3:  Clinics in San Francisco
Saturday, June 4:  Clinics in El Llano
Sunday, June 5:  Church and travel in preparation for more Clinics
Monday, June 6:  Clinics in Chicholom
Tuesday, June 7:  Half-day Clinics in Chicholom, then travel
Wednesday, June 8:  First of Medical team flying out to come back home, Full day in Antigua
Thursday and Friday, June 10-11:  The rest of the Medical team flying back home. Clint stays in Guatemala for Achi Pastors Training.