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Jun 30

God’s Work in Guatemala

2016 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Training,Trips

God has been doing a lot in Guatemala this month through our church and its partners; The Barreras went back for a 2-month visit, the Water Filtration Project, the Medical Missions Trip and most recently, the Pastors’ Training.  Here is a summary from Pastor Ron who went as part of the leadership for the Pastors’ Training that wrapped up a couple of weeks ago:

The summer conferences we are leading in Guatemala go through the 9 Marks of a Healthy Church.  The teaching intentionally takes topics in a specific order so topics build upon each other.  The topic of this conference was Sound Doctrine (Sana Doctrina).  We began by talking about the “indicative” (statements of fact, truth) and “imperatives” (commands, responses, applications and principles about Christian living) that fall under sound doctrine, teaching them that imperatives (commands) flow from indicatives (doctrine).  Also, we talked about how sound doctrine leads to so many things in a church setting such as holiness, unity, love and proper worship.

The topic lead to lots of practical discussions that were facilitated in small groups of 8-10 after the teaching and a question-and-answer session at the end of the day to solidify the day’s teaching and discussion.  An example of the practical discussions was unity in the church.  Pastors discussed the lack of unity within their churches, the various ways it can look and how leaders should respond.   Another topic of discussion was sound doctrine in musical worship.  Most of the pastors do not coordinate at all with the musical worship leaders.  So we talked about how they are responsible for sound doctrine being taught through the lyrics of the songs their congregation sings as much as through the teaching.

One final encouraging aspect was to see the pastors interact with both the speakers and each other.  The pastors in Baja Verapaz, for example, were able to interact with pastors from a different country, some leading pastors in their own country and then fellow pastors in their same area who lead the small group discussions.

Please continue to pray for the work laid out by God through some members of DSC and our partners in Guatemala during this past month.  Pray that it would be fruitful in the lives that their work, as well as, God’s Word touched.