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Sep 16

Barrera Bulletin — July to September, 2016

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Catch up with the latest from the Barreras and all that is going on in their lives:

Our hearts were thrilled to see these photos of the Youth With a Mission team from San Miguel distributing Achi New Testaments in a village recently.





Translation News

What a blessing it has been to dig deep into Psalms this past year! The consultant check of the last third of Psalms in Achi was finished in August. Now I (Carol) am setting my sites on my part in checking Proverbs. The consultant check workshop on that book starts the last week of October, but I need to have my suggestions and questions sent to the international consultant and the Achi team by October 15th. Pray for me to be able to meet that deadline!

I recently received an email notifying me that my “new” position title is Achí OT & NT Revision Consultant. That was nice to know, even though that is the work I have been doing for the past five years! Just to give you an idea of what this work involves, I estimate that for the whole book of Psalms, I exchanged over a hundred emails with the international consultants and Achi speakers. In addition, I wrote around five to ten notes per chapter into the Achi text in the computer program we use. (This program allows all of us in the project to see the latest draft. My comments to the translators or the international consultant are marked with a little red flag in the text. When that flag is clicked on, my comment appears in a window for them to read.)

Remember the arduous task that was completed this past spring in making a multiple-voice recording of the Pentateuch in Achi? That recording has now been edited and will soon be delivered to “Achilandia”. There will be a formal dedication and launching of its use in a large Achi church on September 11th. Different means of playing the recording (USB’s, CD’s, special machines, radio) are being explored. I have been informed that funds are lacking for buying the devices which will “carry” this part of God’s Word to the ears of the Achi people. If any of you are interested in helping out with this project, let me know, and I will convey your interest to the Achi team in charge of the distribution.

Family News


We, our children and grandchildren hadn’t been all together for two years, and it looks like we might not be able to have another such reunion for another two years. So it was satisfyingly special to spend a week in July with our daughter, son-in-law, two granddaughters, along with our son, daughter-in-law and their two little ones.


Not such pleasant news is that a hit and run driver hit our parked car, totaling it. We are still in the process of trying to resolve this with our insurance company while looking to find suitable transportation. We are thankful that no one was in our car when this happened.

I consider it good news that I was able to see a shoulder specialist who said my shoulder is finally ready for therapy. I have started that two times a week, with hopes of strengthening the muscles to increase mobility and help prevent further dislocations. More good news is that I probably won’t need cataract surgery for another year.

Rodrigo’s news is that he is enrolling this fall for another online course with the School of Biblical Counseling. He has also been happy for some open doors in ministering to some Spanish-speaking friends here in Cheyenne.

Recap for prayer:

*Starting the distribution of the Pentateuch recording in September
*Editing of Proverbs for October checking session
*Guidance for decisions regarding meeting our transportation need
*Planning a spring trip to Guatemala

May God’s Word dwell in all its richness in our hearts,
Rodrigo and Carol Barrera

Sep 14

WIM Update on Summit 2016 – Chuck and Cindy Harper

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Here is some excited news about great things that are happening among the Navajo Nation and the Western Indian Ministries’ work with the Navajo church:

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to tell you about how God is working on the Navajo Nation – and using Western Indian Ministries to help grow and nurture the Navajo Christians and the Native Churches for His glory!
On August 19 and 20, Western Indian Ministries hosted the firstNavajo Nation Christian Leadership Summit! What a joy to see several hundred Christian leaders and over 90 Pastors join us. The Navajo Nation President’s office suggested the event, and assigned one of their staff to work with over 50 pastors in planning, and then asked if Western Indian Ministries would be the host site for this historic event.
We were honored to host this event, especially because serving and equipping the Christian Churches on the Navajo Nation is what WIM is all about! Our amazing staff worked long hours planning the logistics, cooking and serving food, creating a special prayer trail, preparing signage, setting up parking spaces, porta-johns, etc., all to make the event happen! I wish you could have seen our team doing such an amazing job, all with the joy of the Lord glowing in their hearts – even after a long and busy weekend!

The summit was a huge success! Our theme was Biblical Unity- John 17. Difficult issues were discussed, and some strategies were set in motion to meet critical challenges on the Navajo Nation. Break out sessions addressed the priority areas that our planning team had identified. These included: suicide, biblical counseling, disciple making, coping with grief, leadership development, the church and Navajo law, marriage, and youth ministry. Some of our staff and board members were part of the teaching and strategic development.
So, thank you for your prayers and for helping to make WIM relevant and effective. God is listening. Your prayers make our ministry possible!

I can also joyfully report that God used the Navajo Church to fully fund this event! What a joy that is, especially as we are working hard to rebuild our own financial foundations and fully fund our ministry.

Again, thank you so much for your investment in us and in Western Indian Ministries! God is truly using our team to transform Native America!

Chuck and Cindy Harper

Sep 12

Help bring the movie Voiceless to Albuquerque

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Read below and then prayerfully consider your involvement in this project. If individuals and groups will come together to make this a reality in Albuquerque, it could be done within the next few days.


Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque, Project Defending Life, and The HUB of New Mexico are excited to announce a new Pro-life movie, to be released this October, called Voiceless. If you want a short preview of this movie, please check it out at In order to get this movie into a theater in Albuquerque we must pre-sell 500 tickets by September 15th and we need your help to do so.

voiceless-imageTo find out more about why it is important to bring this movie to Albuquerque, read the letter from Ethel, CareNet’s Client Services Director here.

Buy a ticket for an individual or group for $12 per person so we can bring this movie to Albuquerque. Tickets will need to be purchased by
Thursday, September 15th 11:59 p.m. MST. This ticket will allow you to preview the movie before it is released to the public on October 7th, 2016.

For more information on how to buy tickets call  Ethel Maharg, Director of Client Services at 505-249-4169. You may buy directly from her but must specify that you are calling for the movie Voiceless, how many tickets you want, and the name of the person picking up the tickets for the October 5th and 6th preview showing, make checks payable to Care Net Albuquerque. Or you may go by any of the of following locations listed below (be sure to call for hours of operation before)
Northeast Albuquerque Center
Eastern Hills Professional Center
9809 Candelaria NE, Building 1-A
Albuquerque, NM 87112
(505) 880-0882/Fax (505) 881-8220

Rio Rancho Center
2451 Monterrey Rd.NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
(505) 896-2305/Fax (505) 867-9032

East Mountain Center
809 1st St, Suite A
Moriarty, NM 87035
(505) 281-5408/Fax 281-4509   

Valencia County Center
Mondel Plaza
601 Main SE, Suite 26
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 565-3838/Fax (505) 565-3833
Administrative Office
Eastern Hills Professional Center
9809 Candelaria NE, Building 1-C
Albuquerque, NM 87112
(505) 880-8373/Fax (505) 881-8220