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Aug 27

Props to God for Redemption Church

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

A DSC Family writes:

My wife and I visited Redemption Church last Sunday to show some love and encourage our brothers and sisters there. I was awestruck at how wonderfully God is using Pastor Carlos as a powerful teacher of his Word. I would have been quite content to sit there and drink up as much as he would dish out. He quite literally seems to preach straight from his heart with a passion, love for the Word, and fear of God that cannot be faked or probably even learned. It was so sweet to see our good God at work in the body in Rio Rancho.

Thank you Jesus for your work in and through Redemption Church!

Please God, continue to use Redemption Church to shine the light of the gospel!

May more and more come to faith as Your glory spreads broader and deeper there!

And please keep us faithful to pray for them and give toward their mission to make much of Jesus in ABQ, Rio Rancho, North Africa, and beyond!