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Oct 10

Missions Emphasis Week 2012 Introductions – Dr. Jaime Jacobo and Jannette Pineda

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Rabinal Achi

October 21st marks this year’s Missions Emphasis Sunday.  And as a part of the celebration, we are honored to welcome Dr. Jaime Jacobo Pineda and his wife Jannette from Guatemala as two of our special missionary guests.

Dr. Jaime Jacobo and Jannette Pineda

DSC was first introduced to Dr. Jacobo in the spring of 2007 on our first medical and water project exploration trip. Our DSC/Achi History document states it like this:

In other communities in Guatemala, Dr. Jacobo had been using a program called Community Health Evangelism (CHE); he had begun the program in an Achi village, Los Encuentras, about a year earlier.  The process was to offer a proposal to community leaders to commit to a “training the trainers” session once a week.  The training was holistic, consisting of community health and hygiene, interspersed with spiritual health via the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The training had already born fruit in the form of a community project to renovate the school.  Dr. Jacobo arranged a meeting with the leadership group, who shared their story and their aspirations, and then showed us around the community.

Little did we know what God had in plan to unite us with the Pinedas in spirit and truth to worship Christ and make Him known together in Achi land and beyond.  Since that first connection in 2007, we have sent several teams with dozens of workers from DSC to help with water, medical, and dental mission projects in support of Dr. Jacobo’s vision of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) among the Achi.

The Pineada’s will be arriving in Albuquerque October 12th, and heading back home to Guatemala on October 25th.  Many at DSC who know them personally will be reconnecting with them for meals, showing them around our beautiful state, and talking through strategic missions projects for the future.

Also, for the wider body, Dr. Jacobo will be one of our special guest missionaries being interviewed at both the “Dinner with Missionaries” and at our Lord’s Supper service on October 24th.

Here is a short introduction for those that do not have the blessing of knowing the Pinedas personally yet:

Where are you from originally?

I was originally born in Mexico D.F. after my father was exiled from Guatemala for political persecution. We returned to Guatemala when I was 6, and when I turned 18 I chose  Guatemalan citizenship.

Please describe your current position in the medical field.  What is your job?  How long have you been doing it?

I graduated in 1982 as General Medicine Practitioner and Surgeon (I have been practicing Medicine for 30 years now!). I have a social oriented clinic in which we give quality medical attention at an accessible cost in the urban area, we also perform surgeries including C-section, and birth deliveries. We also have an strategic alliance  with REMAR (Rehabilitation and Reinsertion of the Marginalized), where we raised funds to build a clinic in their biggest orphanage, and support it by giving consult once a week and getting medicine donations. We also team up with YWAM Panama, where we have been doing at least two medical outreaches a year in different areas of the country with different ethnic groups.

How long have you been doing CHE?

I received the calling to serve our Lord as a Missionary in Guatemala after I graduated as a doctor. In 1992 we received the Community Health Evangelism program directly from Stan Rowland (he developed it initially with the Campus Crusade in Eastern Africa). We kept developing CHE in Central America and part of the Caribbean, and I was appointed Regional Director for Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Panama.

How long have you been working with the Achi?

In 2003 I started working in the Achi area, invited by Kathi Archer to share a Vision Conference with different church leaders (specially from Iglesia del Nazareno); after that the leaders from The Nazarene Church asked to receive a Training of Trainers I (TOT I) in their church in Salama, from there we started our first project in the municipio of San Francisco, in a village called “Los Encuentros”, where we trained our first CHE committee composed of community leaders.

How long have you been married?

I married Jannette in February 1984, it has been 28 wonderful years. God has also blessed us with two great kids Jaco and Maria Jose.

As you meet the Pinedas and come to love them as many of us already do, please consider giving above and beyond your gifts to DSC in order to support their ministry.  The best way to do this is by sending designated checks to: (please put “Dr. Jaime Jacobo – Guatemala” in the memo line).

Verbo Ministries

P.O. Box 190

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