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Oct 29

Baby Shirly Update – Possible Surgery in the States, Please Pray

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi

Just over one month ago we asked you all to be praying for Baby Shirly Mendoza, infant daughter of Pastor Rene Mendoza.  Pastor Mendoza leads a small church in a small village in Rabinal Achi country.  And as you may remember from the blog post, Shirly has a congenital heart condition that if not treated, will end up taking her life.  As God has prompted His people and resources at DSC, medical professionals and others with a deep heart for Guatemala have been tirelessly seeking a solution for this dear child.

Our merciful God seems to have paved a possible way just this week as Loma Linda Universtity Medical School has decided to take Sherly’s case, and, as they are able, provide the surgery needed.  At this point, folks at DSC are working with Loma Linda to see if immigration visas can be obtained for Baby Sherly and her parent(s).  If visas are indeed obtained, one direct way you may be able to help out with this (beyond praying) could be to give toward travel expenses, as we have committed to covering those on behalf of the family.

Pastor Rene Mendoza and his family, including his 10 month old, Sherly.

Please, continue to pray, especially for these things:

  1. That Baby Shirly will endure physically as a solution is sought.
  2. That the Mendoza family will feel God’s care and love through the global body of Christ in this time.
  3. That God will continue to make a way by granting favor from immigration offices for a visa.
  4. For wisdom for the doctors at Loma Linda University.

Above all, we pray, in the way Christ did, saying “not our will, but Yours be done.”

Thank you for praying.  We will keep you updated on this situation and on possible ways to give in the future.