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Mar 21

SPRING for SNAP 2013

March 20th marked the first day of Spring 2013.  Spring is a time of birth and budding and new beginnings.  The word spring also means to move or jump suddenly upward or forward.  The phrase “spring for” means to treat someone by paying.  All of these ideas are captured in the word Spring, which is why we’ve chosen this name and this time to be a season of increased awareness, prayer, and fundraising in our Countdown to Sunrise, 2013.

SPRING for SNAP 2013 updated


Here’s what it means to SPRING for SNAP.

Share – Visit the SNAP home page to learn what it is, share what you learn with others and get excited for the Garretts to visit every Community Group (CG) in 2013 to share their role in SNAP, the vision to plant churches, and ways you can get behind them.

Pray – Pray with us for our going families, for the lost in North Africa and for how you as a member of DSC, you can help to send these families and the gospel to the unreached of North Africa.  Grab an “Arise Shine” prayer guide to get started.

Raise Funds – Let’s get creative in community!  This is a chance for every CG and ministry at DSC to actively participate in sending our missionaries.  A list has been provided to every CG Leader of ways to get involved.

INvest – Rather than supporting lots of missionaries with just a little money, love, connection and accountability, we are aiming for a model of investing more in fewer folks in focused areas. The body of DSC must invest in SNAP prayerfully, financially and relationally for this vision to succeed.

Give to Church Planting – Our church planting families are giving up comfort, routine, and livelihoods to go and share the gospel in North Africa.  What are you willing to give so that the gospel can go forward with them and through them?

Ready to SPRING for SNAP?  Pick a project to raise funds, pick a point person to keep you organized and moving, then contact Melody Shaddix at mjshaddix@gmail.com for help getting it off the ground.

Here are some of the SPRING projects that have been accomplished:

Here is a list of current projects that are running:

And here are more that are still in the planning stages:

  • One CG is planning to sell hot dogs at their kiddos soccer games on an upcoming Saturday.
  • Some of the youth are working on an idea for a Mini but Mighty for Missions Putt-Putt golf tournament for late summer/early fall.
  • One CG is hoping to offer computer optimization/analysis for the church and community some Sunday in the spring/Summer
  • One CG is considering having a poker night where all the pot goes to SNAP.

The sky is really the limit and it’s great to see the creativity within our body and the ownership of this project.

By the way, this is just the beginning. If your group would rather do an activity more conducive to later in the year, that’s great!  We are always here for any questions you may have.  Just email Melody with questions or ideas.