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May 31

Renovation Team Heading to Cheyenne Today – Please Pray

A team of 7 from DSC head out this morning for Cheyenne Wyoming on a mission to bless Carol and Rodrigo Barrera by renovating their family home there.  The scope is not yet complete for the project, but at a minimum, they hope to update windows, doors, floor covering, and paint.

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua - 2009

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua – 2009

The team from DSC includes:

  1. Paul M.
  2. Bryan K.
  3. Ian B.
  4. Clyde B.
  5. Dennie G.
  6. Marvin G.
  7. David G.

Team Lead David G. writes:

“We’ll leave Friday from DSC at 10:30AM.  The plan is to be in Denver after Friday p.m. rush hour and be in Cheyenne at sunset.  The first part of Saturday we’ll each take stock of needs for Carol’s house, make a list and then we’ll compare notes, put together a materials list, make the first of several “runs to the store”, make assignments and build a schedule.

As we pack for tomorrow’s journey each of us needs to be mindful of who we serve represent, that we are disciples of the King helping serve in a small way fellow spreaders of the Gospel.  I believe I need to be reminded of this each hour!”

Please pray for safe travels, for team unity, efficiency, and safety as they work.  The Barreras home church in Cheyenne has already promised to provide some RV’s for lodging and some meals for our work team, and over $2000 has been donated from the DSC body toward this project.  This is being matched by other DSC budgeted funds to push their project funds to $4000.  Please pray that God will help them make these funds go a long way toward blessing the Barreras and their family home.

A month ago Carol Barrera wrote to our team:

“My grandparents took excellent care of this home for the fifty years they lived there. My grandfather’s beautiful trees, plants and flowers were a showpiece for the town.  I wish you could have seen it!  Vacations at my grandparents house were the highlight of my growing up years and I would like to have this house in a shape that would be good for MY grandchildren visiting me one day.  You all have been an encouragement to me.  It never entered my head that any church would take an interest in our old house!  God has surprised me through you all!  Blessings and gratitude!”

And she wrote this more recently:

“I can’t repeat enough times how absolutely overwhelmed I am by the provision of your team to get our house more livable.  When I think of how it looked in those photos–I think we would have arrived and just collapsed in tears and frustration.  May God continue orchestrate all of this as only He can do.”

Let us give glory to God for our unity in the faith and in mission with the Barreras, as well as this opportunity to serve them and their family.