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Sep 23

Barrera Bulletin for September 2013 – On Sabbatical and Coming to DSC soon…

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Editors notes:

  1. Carol and Rodrigo Barrera are coming to visit Desert Springs during their October 25-31 visit to Albuquerque.  One way to make sure you don’t miss being with them, is to register for our second annual “Dinner with Missionaries” online at www.desertspringschurch.org/dinner where they will be one of the featured missionaries.
  2. You’ll see an update from Carol below about her doctors appointment.  Well, I’ve just notified them that folks from DSC have already donated $2060 to help cover this appointment.  We will match this with another $2000 from the missions budget.  Any other donations made between now and her appointment October 17th can be given online at www.desertspringschurch.org/giveonline, and will be passed on to them as well (though not matched from this point).

We praise God for this partnership, and cannot wait to see them in mid October.

Barrera Bulletin – September 10th, 2013

A God Blessed Sabbatical

This week we will be half-way through our time of furlough/sabbatical/secondment return period.  I have felt confirmation that it was the right decision for us to spend this time away from our beloved friends in Guatemala.  Strong ties are being formed between us and our son, daughter-in-law and two darling grandchildren here in Cheyenne.  It is much different being part of their lives for a few months as opposed to seeing them for a few hectic days every couple of years.  We won’t have as long with our daughter, son-in-law and two precious granddaughters, but look forward to spending almost three weeks with them.

This is also a time to strengthen ties with churches and friends. We won’t be able to see all of our friends and supporters by any means, but have been blessed and thankful for the ones with whom we have been able to be spend time.

Back in Achi Land

We keep in contact with some of our friends in Guatemala by means of the Internet and an occasional phone call.  Kathi (missionary friend in San Miguel) and I have been Skyping each week, at which time we study a passage in the Achí New Testament. She tells me about her time with Achí young people going house to house to pray and minister to people, leaving Achí New Testaments with those who speak that language.  One man told her that he regularly reads it himself, and also reads it to his wife, who can’t read.  I believe he has teen children who can read Achí.  Kathi will be going to Nicaragua to teach in a YWAM school there for five months, and in the process learning how to increase her effectiveness as a discipler among the Achí.

Health Update

Although I miss my therapy pool in Guatemala, it has been possible for me to continue with water exercise at a YMCA just blocks from our house.  I have had a number of interesting conversations with people in my classes, weaving God into the conversations. My spine continues to be “iffy”, protesting at the slightest jarring or bending or lifting.  In faith we have made appointments at the Scoliosis Clinic in So. California.  The doctor there gave me an estimate of $7,000 for the exams, fitting for a new brace, and two or three days of intensive, private coaching on their new exercise regime specifically designed for scoliosis.  It is doubtful that much of that will be paid by insurance.

Achi Visitors

This weekend we have had the privilege of showing the sites to two Achí teachers, a young woman and a young man who are taking a five-month course in Colorado to increase their effectiveness as teachers, encouraging the habit of reading among children.  One of the places we took them to was the very well-equipped children’s floor at the local library, and they were amazed at all the books, computers, games, toys, DVD’s, programs available for children here.  We were sobered when we thought how very few children’s books are available for the children in the Achí area.  Before Rodrigo drove them back to Colorado, I read a passage from the Achí New Testament to them.  One of them said, “I didn’t know that Scriptures in our language existed!”  Of course, we gave her a copy.  The young man had attended our Bible studies for years and already has a copy.

Prayer for the Achi

Please keep praying for the Old Testament Achí translators and producers of radio programs (Elías, Esther, Misael, Benedicto), and for the present generation of Achí leaders and missionaries (Hector and Eder in San Miguel, Daniel and Roni in Panama, Mily in Nicaragua).

Upcoming Schedule

Here is our schedule for the next three months.  We would appreciate your praying for our going out and coming in, and the times in between!

  • Oct. 7-13 Albuquerque – visiting friends, most of whom we met when they came on mission trips to Guatemala
  • Oct. 14-24 Southern California – visiting long-time friends and the church which has supported us for 40 years! *(During the above visit:
  • Oct. 17-19, 21 Scoliosis Clinic in Irvine)
  • Oct. 25-31 Back to Albuquerque for missions conference at Desert Springs Church
  • Nov. 1-7 Cheyenne
  • Nov. 8-11 Dallas
  • Nov. 12-Dec.1 Flying to Dubai, and from there to visit our daughter, son-in-law and two precious granddaughters
  • Dec. 2 Dubai to Dallas
  • Dec. 3-9 Cheyenne, wrenching goodbyes
  • Dec. 10 Return to Guatemala and hellos

Special thanks to those of you who have kept in touch with us while we are away from Guatemala and for those who have continued to support us during this needed six-month’s time of rest, renewal and relating to our family and my (Carol’s) home base.

Rodrigo and Carol Barrera

Address for support: Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 Orlando, FL 32862-8200