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Mar 11

SPRING for SNAP 2014 is coming…

SPRING for SNAP is part of our 2014 Countdown to Sunrise, when we send out our second church planting family to North Africa.  It is a season of increased prayer, awareness, and fund raising for our North Africa mission!

SPRING = Share, Pray, Raise Funds, INvest, Give.


Visit desertspringschurch.org/snap to learn more about SNAP, share what you learn with others, and get excited to visit Redemption Church sometime in 2014 with your Community Group as the our second family (the C’s) share their role in SNAP, the vision to plant churches, and ways we can support them.


Pray with us for our church planting families, for the lost in North Africa, and for how each member of DSC can help send these families and the gospel to the unreached of North Africa. Grab a SNAP prayer packet from the missions kiosk or information center to get started.


Let’s get creative in community! This is a chance for every community group and ministry at DSC to actively participate in sending our missionaries. A list of events scheduled for this year are listed below. Plan to participate in as many of them as you can. If your community group isn’t organizing one of these events, consider mobilizing your CG to do a team garage sale in the community.


Rather than supporting a lot of missionaries with just a little money, love, connection, and accountability, we are aiming for a model of investing more in fewer folks in focused areas. The body of DSC must invest in SNAP prayerfully, financially, and relationally for this vision to succeed.


Our church planting families are giving up comfort, routine, and proximity to friends and family in order to go and share the gospel in North Africa. What are we willing to give so that this gospel of the kingdom can go forward with them and through them? We started in 2011 by challenging folks to give $1.00 per day. And some folks have been able to do it. Some have even been able to increase each year to $2.00 per day in 2012 and $3.00 per day in 2013. Now 2014 is here, we are asking God to do even more for His glory. Can you give $4.00 per day to church planting in 2014? Let’s pray that more folks may be able to give as God provides. Go to desertspringschurch.org/giveonline to give toward these church planting efforts.Untitled