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May 14

DSC Community Groups Visit Redemption Church

2014 | by Clint | Category: Global,North Africa (SNAP),Redemption Church

Several Community Groups at DSC have recently had the privilege to visit Redemption church for a short reception and time of updating from Redemption elders. This time is meant to not only update and help us all celebrate how Redemption Church is doing, but also to learn more about our churches’ partnership in sending out church planters together to North Africa, Lord willing in 2015. Here is how one CG leader, Tim Hickman, talks about their time at Redemption Church recently:

Recently, the Rush/Hafenrichter/Hickman community group had the privilege of attending a “get-to-know the ‘C’ Family” gathering at Redemption Church, along with a couple of other community groups from DSC. During our time there, I think I can confidently speak for our group and say that it was a true joy to hear and see–firsthand–what is going on with God’s people at our sister church in Rio Rancho, as well as to affirm the common threads that bind us together–namely, to see God’s Kingdom expand and to see souls saved for His glory. What a blessing it was, to witness the Lord’s work in the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters in the northwest part of town, to see how He is stirring His people unto good works and a deeper love for His Church and the lost. It was a joy to hear again, how the Lord’s prompting and leading was the catalyst for the planting of Redemption Church, as well as for the knitting together of so many hearts to prepare another family to “go unto all the nations,” to spread His glory broader and deeper.

What a privilege it is, to serve alongside the “G’s”, the “C’s” and our brothers and sisters in Rio Rancho, as we endeavor to proclaim Christ among the nations.

-Tim Hickman, on behalf of Jay Rush and Everett Hafenrichter

If you’ve already made the visit with your CG, be sure to remember to pray for the “C” family as they prepare to uproot and head to North Africa. And please continue to pray for the “G” Family as they continue their language study in France. I was able to visit them briefly last week and it is so clear that God has prepared them for this mission, and is continueing to do so. What an honor to be a part of raising them up and sending them out in a manner worthy of God. Thank you too for your part as prayer and payer!