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May 31

Guatemala May Mission Update #5

2014 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi,Trips

The latest from Deacon Marvin G. in Rabinal Achi country with 23 other DSC folks!

This is the first time DSC has had a specific music ministry working along side our medical missionaries and it has been powerful. It has been a balm when needed to assure tentative or frightened patients, and it has been a boost to our energy when we needed a boost to our hot and tired bodies. Our music team is led by Drew Hodge and includes Ian Byrd, Koren Saiers, Martha Speakman, Josh Speakman and Luke Sowers. Others jump in when we can also. During our medical missions, Drew, and sometimes with Luke or Achi Marvin (to differentiate from Marvelous Marvin), will spontaneously play together for patients waiting, or they or Drew alone, will wander into the doctors or dentists areas and play soothing hymns that are well received. Some have said they could sense tension diminishing with the music. Then in the afternoon, they will wander into pharmacy where Ian is working and jam.  Crazy things can happen when Drew and Ian get together. Kids will be peering in the windows watching the loco gringos, and we will be getting an energy pop.

In addition to the playing and singing during the medical missions (and on our van rides back to our hotel), the team is also delivering music workshops. Both so far have been well attended by 60 or more youth. Last night Drew taught on what first is most important for a worship leader, and that is a heart for Christ. And after a heart for Christ, you can focus on talent, songs and music. After some spiritual lecture the group separated into three smaller groups: vocal, guitar and rhythm (drums and base). Vocal was led by Koren, guitar by Drew and Ian led rhythm. After specific instruction, the teams got back together and many of the local youth stepped up and played and received further instruction. This was really a good time and the students paid rapt attention, and most were at both sessions. Today Ian stayed back to build cajons (drum boxes), tonight is another workshop and then Friday our team puts on a concert for the community. Pray that many are blessed, God is glorified through worship and that more Achi are drawn to Christ.


Music Video from Guatemala Mission Team