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May 21

Church in a Mortuary

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

Redemption Church is DSC’s first church plant.  As they grow, we are praying that God will use them to spread His glory broader and deeper in Rio Rancho through making disciples of Jesus Christ.

They have been meeting at French’s Mortuary since they launched back in February.  They are only lacking one more “green light” to occupy their new spot, and we are praying God grants it to them this week.

Pastor Carlos Griego of Redemption Church writes:

Preparing to plant a church requires research. Church planters read lots of books. I have read books about culture, leadership, theology, and church planting. Many books give good suggestions on how to grow as a church, and how to make “your mark”. I am going to be honest, not one of those books mentioned launching a church in a mortuary, without any advertisement. That’s exactly what we have done at Redemption Church.

Due to some delays with our permanent location in Rio Rancho, we have been meeting at French’s Mortuary.  We were unsure of when we would be moving into the place in Rio Rancho, so we never made or printed invitation cards. Other than word of mouth and social media, no one would know we existed. I am pretty sure this “method” is not found in the church planting books, at least not any that I have read. Even so, the crazy thing is that we are a growing church plant. We have 4 community groups, and 2 of them are about to multiply because of growth.  We have had multiple families join, and some of these families walked in on a Sunday just by seeing Redemption’s sign outside the funeral home.

What has all this shown me? It has shown me that God brings growth, not methods. We are called to trust God, not methods. Methods are not bad, and we should use all of the resources we have to reach those far from God. We are excited to move out of the mortuary, and will have advertisement once we move into our new spot in Rio Rancho. What God has taught me in all of this though, is to trust Him. He doesn’t need nice buildings or flyers sent out to bring people to Him. He calls us to plant gospel seeds, water with the Word, and watch what He does. I am excited for the times ahead, and what God will do in our new place. I am, however, brought to a place of worship and overwhelming thankfulness for our time in the mortuary as a somewhat under the radar church.

Visit the Church Planting page for more information about DSC’s church planting strategy, and to learn how you can contribute. To keep track of God’s work through Redemption Church, visit their website for sermons, blog posts, events, etc.

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