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Dec 12

Please Pray for the Christmas Stores

2014 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Local,Love INC,Native American,Prayer

Tomorrow, one team of volunteers from Desert Springs will head to Counselor, New Mexico to partner with Cedar Hill Church as they offer a Christmas store to their neighborhood and community.  Another team of over 100 volunteers will setup a Christmas store here at Desert Springs Church in an effort to serve the parents of students at Mission, Alvarado, and La Luz Elementary schools.

Please pray with us that these stores will indeed be done in the name of Christ, and that those who come to the store would feel loved by Jesus through us.  Please pray that many will come to the Christmas Eve services, and that friendships are made and the gospel is proclaimed.

May God’s glory spread broader and deeper through these efforts!

Thanks to everyone who bought gifts and/or volunteered!