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May 6

Nepal Earthquake Relief – Water, Medicine, and Gospel

2015 | by Clint | Category: Disaster Relief,Giving Opportunity,Global
The death toll from last week’s earthquake has exceeded 7,000, with 14,000 injuries counted so far.  However, with access to villages just now opening up, the death toll is expected to “climb much higher.”  And the number of people left homeless is in the millions.
The magnitude of this tragedy is hard to comprehend.  We must pray for those that are hurting, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we must respond with relief aide.
From our global missions budget, we have decided to give a total of $1000, distributed evenly to the following three organizations:
  1. The Baptist Global Response (IMB)  – They have folks on the ground, long term, doing ministry and missions work, so the help they render will include comfort from the gospel, water, shelter, food, and healthcare.
  2. Water Mission International – Critical for the prevention of disease spreading is clean water.  WMI is great at helping when folks are hurting with quick clean water.
  3. MAP International – We’ve worked with MAP for years to take medicine to our Guatemala medical/dental mission clinics, and they are mobilizing medication for the folks in Nepal.There are many other worthy organizations worth donating to in times of crisis, but we believe these are three of the best providing both material and spiritual help in the name of Christ.  We commend them to you as you consider giving as well.