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May 8

On Mission For Mission: Share Your Vocation at Elementary Career Fair – May 13

2015 | by Clint | Category: Local,Mission Opportunity

Kelly Homistek, DSC attendee and teacher at Mission Elementary writes:

Dear Desert Springs Community:

Serve The City was a success and our counselor had this to report about the trees we planted thanks to your time and effort already:

“Hi Kelly,

Thank you again for serving the community and leading the Desert Springs action committee top plant all of those Torres. One of the students a couple weeks ago noticed the change immediately and it actually changed his mood about the school when we went on a walk. It literally helped him stop crying as he focused on how much better the campus looked.”

Daniel Le. May 7, 2015, personal communication”

Therefore, with your already wonderful reputation at Mission Avenue, I’d like to recruit those of you I can to represent at another service opportunity for our school.

Our school is trying to pull together a Career Fair and we are having difficulty getting committed parents to volunteer and being able to represent a wide array of professions for student exploration on Wednesday, May 13 from 8:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

I know we have a large group of very interesting professions at our church and know some of you personally, who I hope will be available for this.

We currently have the following careers represented:

1. Police officer

2. Geotechnical engineer

3. Meteorologist

4. Family lawyer

We were hoping to have a firefighter, mechanic, plumber, doctor, musicians, other art forms, photographers, artists, and a wider array of vocational professionals being represented.

By presentation, we are simply requesting a brief explanation of how you get to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for that career, what you do on a regular basis, most exciting reasons to enter the profession, and if possible, a visual aid of any sort, something hands-on for students to look at, or other display item that can be visible, that would be great, but not necessary. Students are always interested in attire, so full dress attire for your profession would be excellent.

 Thank you for everything you do,

Kelly Homistek

Interested people can contact the organizer of this event, Daniel Le at Tri.Li@aps.edu or Kelly Homistek at mskellyelemd@gmail.com. Thank you very much for your consideration.  What a great way to serve a neighborhood school by showing how God is using our folks to love neighbors through our various vocations!