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May 27

Wrapping up the 2012 DSC Achi Pastors’ Conference and Medical/Physical Therapy Team Arrived in San Miguel

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Marvin G. text today around 1:30 that:

“Pastors’ conference is over.  Still at the retreat site.  Other (Medical/Physical Therapy) group is pulling into San Miguel.”

Let’s praise God for giving us this opportunity to serve the Achi pastors with a retreat, some rest, and some teaching from His word.

And here are some photos of the conference from Hector’s facebook:

Meal time at the 2012 DSC Achi Pastors' Conference



Sophia giving testimony to God’s grace


Hector H. giving testimony to God's grace


Francisco B. being prayed over by Bart and Dr. Jacobo before teaching


Marvin studying by the fire in one of the cabanas at La Posada del Quetzal


Brian H. relaxing by the fire at the 2012 DSC Achi Pastors' Conference


Rodrigo Barrera y Eder Ixcopal speaking at the 2012 DSC Achi Pastors' Conference


Achi y DSC Jovenes (young adults) singing worship music at the Pastors' Conference


Greg S. being prayed over before speaking at the Pastors' conference


Kathi, Carol, and Rodrigo praying over Tania before she gives testimony of God's grace


Bart F. translating a sermon (in real time) for Tim R., Brian H., and Rachel B. at the DSC Achi Pastors' Conference


Brian H. and Greg S. praying over Eder I. just before he gives testimony of God's work in and through him.