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Jan 13

Cedar Hill Community Christmas – 2015

DSC Deacon Marvin Gibson writes:

On Sunday, December 20, about two dozen adults and children from DSC joined Cedar Hill Church in Counselor, NM on the Navajo reservation to celebrate Community Christmas with Pastor Tully Butler, his wife Mary, daughter Efren, and son Dino. The day before, a half dozen men delivered three trailer loads and three truckloads of fire wood to Cedar Hill church as part of our year round wood cutting ministry to the Navajo community. And two days before on Friday, a couple of men from DSC were at Cedar Hill to assist in the butchering of the sheep that DSC donated to the Community Christmas feast.

During the Sunday Community Christmas, DSC folks led a Christmas program for more than sixty Navajo children, many of who were hearing about Jesus for the first time. The seed was planted, please pray for fruit! As a church, we also supplemented the mutton stew and mutton posole with 300 hamburgers and 300 hot dogs prepared by some of the men from DSC. While the children’s program was going on and while the DSC men and the Cedar Hill ladies were finishing up the feast preparation, Pastor Tully and his son, Dino, were preaching God’s Word to the reached and unreached adults in the large Cedar Hill warehouse facility.  They were faithfully delivering the story of the coming of Christ. And Dino shared a powerful testimony about trusting Christ.  He assured them all that Christ did not come to make bad people good, but that he came to make the dead sinners alive in Christ.

After the messages, singing, and community feast, Pastor Tully’s daughter Efren organized the distribution of gifts, coats, hats, gloves, blankets, coffee and flour to all of the community in attendance. Cedar Hill Church is grateful for the gifts, wood, and sheep that Desert Springs Church was able to provide in the spirit of Christmas. But more than these material gifts Cedar Hill Church continues to be blessed by our ongoing personal partnership in the gospel.  They seemed thankful and joyful for the men, women, and children from DSC that are able to come to Cedar Hill with love, hugs, and labor together for His Kingdom.




What’s for dinner again?


“I could really tell God was working because the children I was helping with were passionate to hear about the Word of God. Many of the children asked insightful questions about the Christmas story and how it tied in with the whole Bible narrative. We laughed together, learned together, and made some neat crafts. Such a special time with the children at Cedar Hill Baptist!” – Crystal

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“Even though we…have different backgrounds and life circumstances than folks in the more remote and desolate parts of the Navajo Reservation, the unity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word is undeniable.” – Robert

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“It was awesome to see the Cedar Hill church members themselves participating, and this time around most of us from DSC were in the background supporting what they were doing as part of their annual Christmas celebration.”-Robert

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“I was blessed to be part of the DSC team to go serve at Cedar Hill church. I could tell God was working through us as I have seen all of the DSC team serve…Cooking, feeding, teaching, covered by mud… That showed me Christ and his command to love and serve one another as I saw every one striving to please and serve others before themselves. Praise be to Jesus.” -Feven

IMG_4643“What a team, what a God!”