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Jan 25

Barrera Bulletin-January 2016

2016 | by Clint | Category: Global,Missionary Care,Prayer,Rabinal Achi

Here is the latest news Rodrigo and Carol Barrera, our missions partners to the Rabinal Achi:

At last! Rodrigo is packing to make a trip to Guatemala. The dates of his trip are February 9th through March 1st.

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He will be there for the first of the two pastoral training sessions for this year led by a team from Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque. Please uphold this important event the week of February 15th.

So what about me? I share with great gratitude to the news that as of January 1st, I started walking on my own two legs, without the help of a walker! An x-ray the last day of 2015 showed that the two pieces of my hip socket had fused together, without the necessity of any operation! I am still going to outpatient physical therapy three times a week. My shoulder still has limited range of motion and strength, but it has progressed a lot from the initial injury. The hope is that it will continue to heal, so that I won’t need surgery on it. It is so wonderful to be able to dress myself, do simple tasks around the house, go to church, the library, the store and to the Y on Tuesday and Thursday. I am practicing going up and down stairs, and plan to start driving again soon.

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I am not quite ready for international travel in February. However, our plans are for both Rodrigo and I to be in Guatemala from the third week of April to the third week of June!

Meanwhile, I dedicate a block of time most every day to checking the Achi draft of Psalms. Just reading it is a blessing to me, as I pray it will be to the Achi audience who reads or hears it read. Pray I will be alert as I check to make good suggestions for possible improvements and to catch any discrepancies that need to be addressed.

Rodrigo is just finishing up an excellent course he has been auditing on line: “Biblical Foundations of Counseling.” He has enthusiastically been sharing insights with me about what he has been learning. His desire is to put the principles into practice in his own life and in his conversations with others. He wants to continue on with the next course in the fall semester.

If you have checked out my FB group “Achilandia en Guatelinda”, you have seen posts about ministry news in the Achi area and from the Achi area to the world. Those have included reports about Hector’s trip to Turkey and now Israel, Eder’s youth camp between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the upcoming discipleship training school of YWAM San Miguel (end of January through mid-June)–just to mention a few. We see part of our present work as encouraging the Achi people in their endeavors to extend the Kingdom of God, with both width and inner depth, and enlisting your prayer support for them.

Mail Attachment (1)Hector worked for two months in Istanbul with a
group of Latinos helping Syrian refugees.

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Elias telling children about the translation of the
Bible into Achi.

With profound gratitude to God and to you our fellow travelers,
Carol, for Rodrigo, too