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May 31

Achi May 2012 Medical Update – Medical Clinics in Tempisque

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

The Pastors’ Conference Team (Greg and Tim) have returned with very positive reports of God’s faithfulness to teach and unite everyone this past weekend in the mountains of central Guatemala.  Please pray for Tim as he feels a bit under the weather after returning.

Our team is still having trouble finding consistent internet service in order to email pictures and reports, so I’ve resorted to watching Hector H’s facebook profile for updated pictures, as he is faithfully posting images each day of the trip. Hector is a faithful Achi brother that DSC has supported for several years now in his ministry to reach and disciple young Achi adults.   He also has a heart for uniting pastors and churches across denominations, and most recently, Community Health Evangelism efforts among his own people.

Here are some images from Hector’s facebook page from DSC’s Medical team in action Tuesday, May 29th.


Astraea D. taking vitals of an Achi woman


Stevie F. applying flouride treatments for cavity prevention


Tania from Mexico translating for Dr. Brent B. of DSC as he treats Achi patients


Rachel B. takes an Achi man's vitals


Christy and Dr. Brent discuss a patients symptoms and possible diagnosis


Achi folks wait patiently for their turn in the clinic


Damian applies flouride treatment to a young Achi boy's teeth


An Achi pastor speaks and prays with folks while they wait for their prescriptions


Pam and Janette goofing off... again. :-)


Jacque seeing patients while Lyuba (bashful as ever) translates


Dr. Jacobo seeing a young Achi boy in the clinic


Sophia taking vitals


Karen G. applying fluoride treatment to an Achi girl


Ottoniel (a young Achi believer) shows these Achi men that with a little help from reading glasses, they can understand the Achi New Testament for themselves.


Pastor David giving instructions to patients at Tempisque


A tiny Achi girl with a fun personality! The team had a blast with her :-)


31 Gringos and Guatemaltecos in a bus made for 20


Wonderful Achi women bringing lunch to the team in Tempisque