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Jun 2

Images from Medical Clinics in Chicholom

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Besides being able to post some pictures that I’m taking off of various folks’ facebook, we really haven’t gotten much by word or text when it comes to updates.  Hopefully as the Medical/Physical Therapy team returns to the U.S., we will get more insight and stories from them.

In fact, if you know a person on the team at all, be sure to ask them intentionally about their trip, and what they saw God do, and how He used them and changed them on this trip.  And be sure to be ready to listen through their answers.  It is very critical that folks coming back from life changing trips like this have an audience with friends and family to share how the mission impacted them and others.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from medical clinics in Chicholom today and yesterday:


Some sort of presentation of or for the team in Chicholom. Likely a "thank you for coming in the name of Christ" with a returned "thank you for welcoming us in the name of Christ."


Jaque treating patients while Carol Barrera translates from English to Achi and back


Dr. Brent and Tania praying over an Achi woman patient

Dr. Brent and Tania praying over an Achi woman patient


Tough hike from Chicholom in the valley to Chicohom in the higher hills


Christy seeing patients as Lyuba translates


Koren, Eder, and Pastor David goofing around between patients


Dr. Jacobo and Rachel seeing patients


Astraea and Amy working in the pharmacy