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Jul 19

Western Indian Ministries (WIM) Construction Trip Opportunity (Early August)

2012 | by Clint | Category: Global,Local,Mission Opportunity,Native American,Trips

Team Leader, Lee Scott writes:

We have another opportunity to serve out on the Navajo Reservation and make a difference in assisting those spreading the Gospel to people who really need to witness the Love of Christ.  We are currently planning a trip out in early August to continue repair work on the Radio Station Building at Western Indian Ministries (WIM), and plan for future trips in order to improve the facilities for future ministry. I’m making a trip out this weekend to put together a scope and plan of action for our first trip, but do not know what kind of “labor force” to plan for. If you might be interested in participating in this (or future trips), please sign up on the contact list on the kiosk nearest to the West wing on Sunday morning at DSC. Our trip last November was an awesome experience for all involved, and I know that many of us are looking forward to experiencing similar blessings in the future. I will provide more information after the trip out this weekend, as scope becomes a little more defined and future needs are identified.   If you have questions or concerns, please contact me via email, and I’ll try to clarify as much as I can.

Thank You,

Lee Scott


Lee Scott - Team Lead for the WIM construction trip coming up


Last year's construction trip team photo