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Jun 11

Guatemala May Mission Update – Another Note From The Well Team

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

More from The Well team in Rabinal Achi country: (from this past weekend’s ministry in a village called Santa Inez)

As our team arrived in Santa Inez for a two day outreach I was immediately taken aback by the breathtaking views.

Breathtaking views

We were invited up to church to meet the community leaders and eat what I thought would be our breakfast. As a huge bowl of Atol was handed to me I sat down to


drink this bowl of mush. (Atol: texture: glue. Taste: liquid tortilla + a hint of chile and salt). With each swallow I could feel a complaint coming to my lips, but then I stopped and remembered Eucharisteo (thanksgiving).

Even in this moment I know that I can find something that I am thankful for:

  • Safe traveling up to this beautiful place
  • A bowl of warm food, as others have empty hungry bellies
  • the sacrifice people must have made to feed me this bowl of mush

There, I have done it I have found JOY! As each new mouthful went down the taste became better and better and just like that I was done. I then found out that that was our appetizer and that we needed to walk down to the pastor’s house for actual breakfast. After our breakfast we piled into the back of a pick-up and drove to the soccer field for some fun with the youth of the town. When I say ‘we piled into the back of a pick-up’ I mean our team plus about 15 other Guatemalans.

Fast-forward to 3:30 PM. We had just finished lunch and just like that we were off to make house visits. As I stood and the bottom of an 80 degree incline hill I questioned our leader again just to make sure I heard him right, “the houses we need to go to are up there…?” Our leader was not mistaken. For about a mile we climbed, well I might as well make this fun!  And just like that we were off running up this hill, leaping from rock to rock. We stopped to catch our breath and waited for the others to catch up. This process repeated itself at least another five times.

We stopped at our first house and I found yet another thing to be thankful for: Morro (Blackberry) juice that the family gave us.

Up another hill to another house, running after Eder down the hill, over to another hill to see another family and yet again more races to the top, and then back down and over to the next hill. Up, over, down, up, over, up and then finally back down. Four hours of hiking/racing/praying/blessings; that was my afternoon.

The morning of finding thanksgiving was just a prelude to my night. “Well time to go to bed, wait I mean floor.” Yet again I had the opportunity to grow a seed of bitterness or of thanksgiving.

I found myself laying there counting my eucharisteo’s:

  • a soft pillow to rest my head
  • a warm blanketSophiassss
  • a roof over my head
  • going to bed with a full stomach, as others go hungry
  • a mosquito net
  • more hours to spend with the Lord
  • snores from the room next door
  • flashlights for Bible reading

For hours I laid there, I counted, I thanked until the sun rose over the hillside and a new day broke.