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Jun 11

SNAP June 2012 Survey Trip Update #2

This just in from our SNAP Team Leader:

  • We got pulled over but my wife talked the cop out of giving us a ticket.
  • Have been in 6-8 hrs of meetings each day
  • We were just down the road from a world cup qualifying match which ended at midnight and kept everyone up very late from the partying in the streets
  • We had a huge feast of fried calamari, fish and eel as we arrived at a coastal city

Here are some updated prayer requests they sent as well:

  • Safety. the driving is pretty sketchy here
  • Wisdom. We are presented a lot of options and opportunities for future work.
  • Endurance. We want to serve and encourage but it is easy just to take and be served (and we are already pretty exhausted)

Please continue to pray for them as they continue on this whirlwind survey trip.

And read here to find out how you can support their current and future church planting efforts in North Africa.