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Jun 13

More Pictures and a Story from The Well Mission to Guatemala

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Here are some more pictures and a funny story from The Well mission team, as they look forward to a day of rest tomorrow (Thursday).

Marvin G. writes the following on his blog:

When I was given the responsibility for planning the young adult mission and realizing that God will always put in front of us what He wants done, I was still worried that we would have days of idleness wishing there was something we could do. That has not been the case at all. Every day seems to be packed to the brim, often more than one church to visit, and now we all are looking forward to a rest day. Thursday, this week, we will be taking a day off and heading to the waterfalls on the way to Coban. I thought after the medicos departed back to the USA, that I would be able to rest some. Hah! What was I thinking once again? Rodrigo and I had a meeting to attend with the Central American Faith Comes By Hearing representative, Abdiel Lopez, and two of the Guatemalan Campus Crusade representatives, Oto and Roberto in the capital. And we had to get the Gregory’s to the airport. Before the Gregory’s departed from San Miguel Chicaj, Rodrigo and Tania, our Mexicans, made chilaquiles for breakfast.

They were absolutely delicious, but during the breakfast I received another language lesson. Rodrigo looked down the table at me and said, “¿Empacado?” He was asking me if I was packed and ready for our trip to the capital and using the past tense of the the verb ’empacadar’, to pack. However, my “extensive” knowledge of Spanish did not include that verb, but I did know the words “¿En pecado?”, which would mean “In sin?” For the life of me, I could not figure out why Rodrigo was asking me in front of about fifteen people (and we were at opposite ends of a long table), “Are you in sin?” Of course I was. We all are, that is why we need Christ, but was this good bye breakfast the time to confess in public. I was very confused. Rodrigo kept asking, “¿Empacado?”, and I continued to hear “En pecado?”. When both are said quickly, it is difficult to distinguish the difference. Rodrigo was finding it difficult understanding why I was confused about a simple question of packing and I was confused why we needed to have a discussion about my sin in front of fifteen of my friends. Tania, our translator, finally told me he wanted to know if I was packed. I said, “Oh, that is not a verb I know. I thought he wanted to know if I was in sin?”, and we all had a big laugh at that.


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