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Jun 19

The Well Mission to Guatemala – 10 Days Left

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

Please continue to pray for our young adult (Well) mission team made up of Brian, Rachel, Sophia, and their fearless leader Marvin G.   Their trip wraps up June 27th, so they are on the home stretch now. Please pray for renewed energy, team unity, and servant hearts.

Here are a couple of ways to keep up with the stories from the field and how God is moving among them and the Achi on this trip.

Marvin’s blog:  achiland.blogspot.com

Finally we were back in San Miguel Chicaj, with two intact cars and two intact drivers. And I was exhausted! When I arrived at where I was staying with my young adults, they all exuberantly told me how much they missed me and Sophia gave me a big, big hug and told me, “I missed you, grandpa.”

Sophia’s blog:  chomfeet.blogspot.com

My 6:00 AM wake-up call once again comes way too soon. On the bus ride up the mountain before a grueling hour hike to the remote Latin village of Chopen I am thankful that my stomach pains have subsided. I should have had a bigger breakfast. For some reason a small bowl of yogurt and a slice of pineapple wasn’t quite enough food to make it up the mountain. I found myself in between my small prayers of “Lord, don’t let me throw up” and “Lord give me energy, don’t let me pass out”, in awe of the fields of corn, rolling clouds, and moss rocks (my dad would have wanted to take every one of them home, he loves moss rocks). My heart leapt for joy as Hector announced, “Five more minutes”. However, I should have reminded myself that five minutes in Guatemala time is more like fifteen.

If you know any of these four, or any of the 17 others that recently returned from Achi land, be sure to take them to coffee in the next couple of months and listen to their stories of God’s glory spreading broader and deeper among the Achi.

Here are some more pictures from their mission:

Church in San Jeronimo praying over The Well team


The Well Team with Byron, Irma and their two daughters and one niece


The Well Team praying over the youth group in San Jeronimo


The Well and OR4 in Santa Catarina San Jeronimo


Sophia giving testimony of God's grace at San Jeronimo