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Jun 27

The Well Achi Mission Coming to a Close

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Within hours the Well team will arrive back in Albuquerque, back from their mission trip to Achi land.

Here is a great summary from Marvin G’s blog. of what much of this mission trip has included:

I want to try to convey what a home visit is like. I think these are my favorite parts of our mission. Either local pastors or some of the Achi on our team determine what homes we will visit. The homes we visit usually have clear prayer needs, either health or a non-believer, or it is the home of someone who has been in service to us and wants to continue to love on us. The homes are usually two or three room adobe homes with wood burning cookstove inside the house. Each room has a door that opens to a covered area that is open to the outside. We approach the home and from a distance start saying, “buenos dias”, or ” buenas tardes”, or “Maria”. No matter what the occupants name is, it seems that Maria is a customary thing to say when you are announcing your presence. After a while, a lady of the house will peek out and Hector or a pastor will explain our presence and then we will be invited to the covered but open to the outside area. All the chairs in the two or three rooms will be brought out for us and this is usually two to four chairs, the rest of us stand or sit on the low wall. Conversation takes place, often in Achi, so until we get a summary translation, we just sit and watch. If the person that needs prayer is bedridden due to sickness, injury or stroke, we will be invited inside. After a while, the discussion turns to prayer needs and spiritual health of the family. And then all of us are made aware of the prayer requests, and a pastor or I as the eldest, will be called to lead prayer. After the prayer is started, everyone starts praying, simultaneously and loudly. It is a chorus and cacauphany of prayer. It is an aroma lifted to God. It is my favorite time of our mission. A pleading for God’s provision, recognition of His promises, and acknowledgement of His glory, and confession of our sins. Sometimes Christ will be received by a new believer and then other times a heart will be hardened, sadly. These are some of the times I feel closest to the Lord when I witness such dependence.

Also, there are some short, but insightful videos posted on Sophia and Brian’s blog this week too.  Be sure to check them out for a glimpse into ministering to and alongside the Achi.

I think I’ve said this before, but if you know these four (Marvin, Brian, Rachel, and Sophia) be sure to take some time when they get back to sit down with them and celebrate what God did in and through them during this mission.  It is critical that we as a body, especially those closest to them, show our appreciation for their time and energy and efforts in the field on our behalf by listening well and asking good questions as we welcome them home.

Here are some more photos: