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Jun 30

June Barrera Bulletin

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua - 2009

Carol and Rodrigo Barrera are our dear partners in Achi-Land, who have, with the help of the Achi spent the past 30 years translating the New Testament into the Rabinal Achi dialect.  Each month they publish a “Barrera Bulletin.”  This edition includes reports from DSC’s annual May Medical Mission as well as the Achi Pastors’ Conference that we partner with the Barrera’s to offer. We will be sure to make this a regular publication of this blog as well.


From their June Barrera Bulletin:

With the Lord – Veronica slipped into the presence of our Lord just hours before Rodrigo drove two hours to meet up with her father to deliver some strong pain meds that friends had helped us obtain for her.  Her struggle with cancer was over.  She  had testified months ago that she was ready to transition to heaven.

Instead of delivering the medicine, Rodrigo helped the family buy the shroud and straw mat that are used to bury people in that distant village where coffins are not the custom.


This morning this ancient hymn comforted me:

Be  near me when I’m dying, O show Thy cross to me!

And  for my succor flying, Come,  Lord, and set me free!

These  eyes new faith receiving, From  Jesus shall not move;

For  he who dies believing, Dies  safely through Thy love.*

– Bernard of Clairvaux, 1091-1153   Tr. by James W. Alexander, 1830


Retreat  for Pastors and Leaders     

At the annual conference for Achí leaders the fellowship was sweet and the topics challenging. This year’s themes were humility and accountability, interspersed with testimonies and lively music from the young people joining us.  Some people in the dining group kept staring at our group, trying to figure out the combination of young and older, Guatemalans from the capital, Mayans, Americans and Mexicans.

The medical  outreach followed on the heels of the conference.  I really enjoyed the home visits I made with the physical therapists who went around seeing people who are confined to their beds, the floor and/or wheel chairs due to strokes, accidents or illness.  Some of them really needed encouragement to make an effort to strengthen their bodies.  Others had great attitudes and left us amazed at their joy and willingness to shine in dark corners.  We tried to encourage the caregivers as well.  We were especially thankful that this was done in cooperation with local government health clinics.  Some of the nurses and health promoters promised to do follow-up visits.


An  accident?

Our car broke down in the mountains and had to be towed to the state capital for repair.  Then the taxi which Rodrigo hired to get him back to the medical group, also broke down.  The taxi driver who stepped in expressed his need for spiritual help, and was led to pray to let God into His life.  Rodrigo has met with him since then.

After  the dearth of water in town, it has rained enough to refill our water tank, which was a blessing to us and our visitors these past few weeks.

Thanks  to all for your prayers for these activities.

Rodrigo and Carol Barrera

Mailing Address: Apdo. 54 Periferico  01011 Guatemala City, Guatemala

Ministry Address: Wycliffe Bible Translators  PO Box 628200  Orlando, FL 32862-8200


If you give to DSC currently, then part of your giving goes to support the Barreras on a monthly basis, however, if you’d like to make giving directly to their ministry a part of your family’s giving, then here are instructions:

Mail Checks to:

Wycliffe Bible Translators, P.O. Box 628200 Orlando, FL  32862

And designate it to them by putting this on the check: Acct. # 210519


**Just in this week – Rodrigo robbed at gunpoint in Guatemala City after dropping DSC folks off at airport**

After dropping the young adults (3) from DSC off at the airport last Wednesday (27th), Rodrigo was involved in a fender bender.  Upon exiting the vehicle to discuss the accident with the other driver, a car with four men drove up.  Three men exited the vehicles with guns and robbed both Rodrigo and the other driver.  Rodrigo was not hurt, thanks be to God!  But they did take his keys, his cash (about $200), and all of his identifications.  They’ve already saide how frustrating its been replacing things on Thursday and Friday because of how unorganized the offices are that he has to visit.  Please pray with us that God will guard their hearts in Christ as they face the frustrations of replacing these essential items.  And please pray for their safety, as this is just another sign that Guatemala City is becoming a rather dangerous place to travel through.  In fact, our water team was robbed (though not at gunpoint) last fall when they left a car door unlocked and stepped into a convenient store temporarily.