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Global Missions

Mission Statement
Desert Springs Church (DSC) believes that our call is to spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God to all the peoples of the world. Further, we believe that our motivation for the call is to exalt and proclaim the greatness of God for His glory. Thus, we reach out cross culturally to those near and far. And we especially aim our resources of time, talent, and treasure toward the least and unreached peoples of the world that have little or no gospel witness among them at this time. Our desire is to see Christ magnified and His praise and worship increased as the nations begin to see and savor Him as God and Savior.

DSC Sees God's Glory Spreading Deeper as Every Member:

  • Treasures Christ above all else

  • Gives themselves sacrificially to the spreading of His fame to the outermost parts of the world

  • Participates in Global Missions by kneeling, knowing, giving, and going

DSC Sees God's Glory Spreading Broader Through:

  • Church Planting – Involvement in and creation of biblically based, indigenous reproducing churches among the nations

  • A continued commitment to increase our giving toward Global Missions for the exaltation and proclamation of the greatness of God

  • Coupling faithful gospel proclamation and church planting with the affirmation of this truth through sacrificial love and acts of service

Our love for God's glory will be strengthened as we partner together to fulfill the Great Commission, purposing to make His name known and prized among all the peoples of the earth.

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