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By declaring our utter dependency upon God to move and act for the sake of His name among the nations, we place our hearts, minds, and attitudes in their rightful place. That place is in humble submission to God's sovereignty, goodness, and grace. As we approach His throne of grace boldly, declaring our trust and bringing our requests, He promises peace in Christ beyond understanding. We long for God to bring His kingdom, His rule, and His reign on earth as it is in heaven.

Never in history has so much information been so easily accessible. The internet offers a seemingly endless supply of information about our partnership people groups. Museums, movies, books, and magazines can offer a glimpse into a previously unknown world. CIA's The World Factbook and Joshua Project are great places to start. Get to know the adopted people groups of Desert Springs Church (DSC) and the places they call home. Sign up for email updates to stay informed about the growing strategies, plans, and news under each core initiative. Knowing leads to informed Kneeling, Giving, and Going.

Every time you give to DSC you give to Missions. Approximately 12% of the annual church budget is reserved for Local and Global Missions. As God continues to increase our vision to impact the nations, our generosity as a church must increase all the more. If God is moving you to give to Missions, please consider giving beyond your normal offerings at DSC. There are two ways you can do this – you can either designate your giving on your check to Missions or you can designate it to one of the four major initiatives (North Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, or Native America). Also, in order for your gift to go straight to Missions, you must place it in a Missions' envelope. These envelopes can always be found at the Information Center. Look at each initiative page to see how God can use your giving to spread His glory broader and deeper across the globe.

A vital part of our global partnerships is relationship and we all know that long distance relationships just don't work. So, we go! We go to meet the people that God is working in and through to reach this world with the good news of Jesus Christ. We go to know, learn from, encourage, and pray for these harvest field workers. DSC has several trips planned throughout the year that provide opportunities to go. By faith, step out of your comfort zone into another region, another culture, another language, and watch as God moves your heart toward missions.


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