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Dec 22

Desert Springs Sunday Recap, December 21, 2014

2014 | by Drew Hodge | Category: Sunday Recap

Welcome to the Sunday recap for Desert Springs Church! We will be posting an overview of the songs and liturgy of our weekly service. Each song will have lyric, chord chart and mp3 (where available) attached. I hope it is a blessing.

Call to Worship 

“These songs speak of the One who gives the peace and rest every soul craves to find. And while this gospel story should be the core of every Sunday worship service, it finds new hearers during Christmas when many who don’t yet know the Lord attend a church service. What a great opportunity; what a great challenge—to clearly and artfully present this world-changing story in the songs we select, present, and sing together!”

-Keith Getty 

Joy Has Dawned – lyricchord chart, mp3

Welcome, Prayer and Reading – Matt. 1:18-23

Come and Worship – lyricchord chartmp3

Star of Wonder – lyricchord chart

Our own arrangement of “We Three Kings.” 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – lyricchord chart

Another DSC arrangement with a 3rd verse we added to strengthen the theme of Christ sacrifice for us being the “comfort and joy” we sing about.

O Little Town of Bethlehem – lyricchord chart

Sermon – Ryan Kelly preached another sermon, from our series through the book of Mark, titled: “He Gives No Signs?”  from Mark 8:1-21. Listen and watch here.

In Christ Alone – lyricchord chartmp3