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Feb 26

Come, Let Us Sing! Saturday Seminar Recap

2015 | by Drew Hodge | Category: Other


Last Saturday, around 100 people gathered from 9-12 to talk and think about corporate worship and singing. It was a great time to be encouraged, and to be reminded that we were created for a purpose. Worship. And, how we can respond and express ourselves in worship. Singing.

Ryan started the morning with a look at the theology of worship. God’s plan for worship. How He has laid out in His word how He wants to be worshiped. Then, I got to lead out in thinking about singing. Why we sing. What we sing. What happens when we sing. Why don’t we sing, and how we should sing. Lots of great questions that we should all ask and lots of great answers from God’s word. A few key takeaways:

1. Worship starts with God. He speaks and we respond. He initiated it and gives us the structure for it.

2. God has commanded singing in His word. He has not commanded everyone to be a great singer.

3. All of our thoughts, actions, songs, prayers, and anything else that happens in a corporate worship service, should be tethered to God’s word. We cannot trust our emotions and experiences apart from God’s word. Through His word we can expect great worship to lead to great emotion.

4. Make singing normal. In your house, car, family bible times. Commit to family worship. Keep it simple. Song, Scripture, Supplication.

5. Be prepared for corporate worship. Sing before you get to church. Be on time (or early). Sit together as a family. All of these things will shape the way you and your family respond to God.

As a believer, we live all of life as worship. Everything we do, we do it unto the Lord. Corporate worship is a special outpouring of that life. Unity and clarity that is an effect of God’s people being together. Aligning our hearts, our bodies, our minds in worship to our King. Let us not forsake it.

The audio and video will be available online next week. Resources used or mentioned in the seminar are below:


Bob Kauflin, Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God (Crossway)

Mike Cosper, Rhythms of Grace: How the Church’s Worship Tells the Story of the Gospel 


Paul Jones, Singing and Making Melody: Issues in Church Music Today


Bryan Chappell, Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice 

(Baker Academic)

Philip Graham Ryken, editor. Give Praise To God: A Vision for Reformed Worship



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