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Facilities Availability and Approval
The facilities at Desert Springs Church (DSC) are available only for ministries of the church. As an example, if Women's Ministry, or Men's Ministry, wanted to start a Bible study, they would fill out a facility request form. Then the staff would assess whether the calendar is open for the time requested, and also whether the right support is there for the request (space, tables and chairs, tech needs, and cleaning). On the other hand we do not accept requests for facility usage for events like music or dance recitals, sports team banquets, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, etc.—whether these are made by church members or people outside of DSC looking to rent the facility.

Weddings at Desert Springs Church, or officiated by one of its pastors or ministers will be limited to members of Desert Springs Church only. This pastoral function will not be extended to family members nor friends (i.e. son/daughter; mom/dad; brother/sister, best friend, etc.), but will only be carried out on behalf of current, active members in good standing who have satisfactorily completed the DSC premarital process.

If you are looking to get married at DSC, and are a member in good standing, then please email info@desertspringschurch.org to request a wedding manual.

If you have any questions regarding the use of DSC for your event, please contact Ron Giese at 505.797.8700 or ron@desertspringschurch.org.