Jul 2

New Series on Isaiah Starts Sunday

2015 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermon Preview


This Sunday we will begin a five-week sermon series through the Book of Isaiah, titled, A Vision of Two Cities. In Isaiah’s vision he sees Jerusalem as it is, in ruins. And he sees, come the end of the book, a new Jerusalem. The question is: how does Jerusalem get that way? Across 66 chapters a portrait of the Messiah emerges.

Come on Sundays with expectation for how God will use his Word among us this July. This book is quoted more than all of the other prophets combined. In getting to know Isaiah’s prophecy we will get to know our Bibles better, and in getting to know our Bibles better we’ll get to know Christ better.

Here’s the series outline so you can read ahead each week:

  • July 5: “The God of Unapproachable Holiness” (1-12)
  • July 12: “The God of The World and History” (13-27)
  • July 19: “The God of Absolute Strength” (28-39)
  • July 26: “The God of Redemption through Suffering” (40-55)
  • August 2: “The God of A New World and a New Name” (56-66)

What happened to our series through Mark? Each Summer Ryan takes a sabbatical from preaching for a number of weeks, so we’re hitting pause on Mark for now. When Ryan returns on August 9 he pick up where we left off.

Then, once we wrap up Mark, in mid-September we will continue our series through 1 and 2 Samuel, In Search of a King.