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Register for Vacation Bible School

VBS Child Registration

What is Vacation Bible School (VBS)?

VBS is a dynamic, fun and concentrated way for the church body to serve together and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to children from our church and community. It is a week-long, annual program scheduled in July. Each year there is a unique and fun theme that focuses all of us on the Scripture and on the Lord.

The focus and goal of VBS is the pursuit of knowing Christ for the sake of His name, for His glory, honor and worship, and for the eternal joy of all who will repent and believe in the gospel.

Who is VBS for?

Children who are 4 years old by VBS through students that have just completed 5th grade.

Volunteers that are adult and youth members or regulars of our congregation.

Why do we do VBS?

  • Psalm 78
    That the next generation to come might put their hope and confidence in God.

  • Matthew 28
    In obedience to the Great Commission.

  • Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6
    We are called to teach our children of the Lord.

  • Proverbs 1 and 9
    That our children will know the "fear of the LORD."

  • Psalm 145
    That the praise of God’s name would go on forever and ever.

  • Romans 1:1-6
    For the sake of His name!

VBS Volunteer Registration

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