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Elementary (Grades 1-5)

Mission Statement
The Elementary Ministry exists as part of the broader Family Ministry of Desert Springs Church (DSC). As we minister to the children that God has placed under our care, we seek to guide them to an understanding of the glory and majesty of God as seen in His perfect character and as revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ. Recognizing that God has given parents the primary responsibility for the spiritual instruction and discipline of children, we intend to partner with families in the process of teaching and training children in hope that they will one day, "...put their confidence in God..." (Psalm 78:7).

Through Teaching and Modeling the Good News of God's Love through Christ, Our Passion Is to Develop in Each Child:

  • A growing awareness of the greatness of God's character

  • A growing understanding of who Jesus is

  • A growing desire to be more Christ-like

  • A growing desire to serve God and others

  • A growing awareness of sin and its consequences

  • A growing awareness of the need for a personal relationship with Him

  • A growing understanding of God's Word and love for it

  • A growing desire to share the gospel message

During Each Church Service We Offer Separate Classes in the Following Grade Categories:
Elementary (Grades 1-5). We begin with a corporate assembly for Grades 1-5 in our Children's Assembly Room. The children then go to their grade appropriate classes.

Each Class Has Bible-based Curriculum and Stimulating Sessions:

  • Praise, prayer, and singing

  • Scripture memorization

  • Bible lessons and application

  • Caring, well-trained teachers and helpers

  • Activities and crafts

  • Special children's events throughout the year

Ministry Opportunities
Lead Teacher
Responsible for teaching the lesson and directing class activities on a weekly basis.

Alternate Lead Teacher
Partners with another lead teacher and has class responsibilities on an alternating week basis.

Apprentice Teacher
Works with a lead teacher for a minimum of six weeks with the goal of becoming a lead teacher.

Works under the direction of a lead teacher and assists with class time and activities.

Music Team
Leads the children in praise, prayer, and singing during the assembly.

Hall Helpers
Assist teachers with monitoring bathroom breaks to ensure child supervision and safety.

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For more information or to serve, please email tim@desertspringschurch.org.