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Lord's Supper Service
Wednesday, October 25

Missions Blog

Oct 18

Silent Auction Featured Items Series #1

2017 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,North Africa (SNAP)

DSC’s Annual Silent Auction offers our community a unique opportunity to turn time and talent into treasure for missions. All proceeds raised at the auction will go to support our missionaries who run a physical therapy clinic for children with Cerebral Palsy in Africa. We have many great items and services donated this year. Over the next few days, we will show a few of the items we have available.

The silent auction will begin on Sunday, October 22 from 8am-1pm, continues Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 23-24) 9am-3pm, and Wednesday, Oct 25 9am – closing at 6:15pm.


Days Of the Dead Promo Queen 1

2 Tickets to a showing of your choice. Value $44
Elite Dance and Theatre presents “Days of the Dead”
An allegorical retelling of the journey of the 3 Kings and Mary and Joseph.
December 8, 9, 10 / 14, 15, 16
7 PM at the North 4th Theater

Days Of the Dead Promo Guys

Production Summary: Death has reigned for a thousand years and will rule for thousands more. There is none who can escape. But a new star has appeared in the heavens. A ripple of fear runs through the underworld when sages declare that the star foretells the return of an ancient power that will overthrow death forever. The underworld is gathering for war and will stop at nothing to destroy the star.

About Elite: Elite Dance & Theatre is a leading Performing Arts Company in New Mexico known for developing professional artists and creating unique theatre. Elite’s training focuses on technique as the foundation for all art forms. with an emphasis on artistry. They present professional and original theatre productions that are unparalleled.

Sep 1

Donations Needed for DSC’s Annual Silent Auction

2017 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,North Africa (SNAP),Prayer

IMG_4456 (2)

Our Annual Silent Auction will be held during Missions Emphasis Week at the end of October 2017. We are seeking interested donors who will generously give new items or provide services. This event raises some of the funds necessary for Desert Springs Church to provide the financial support for our SNAP families living overseas.

If you have any items that you are interested in donating or think we should acquire, please contact Josiah Belflower with those ideas. josiah@desertspringschurch.org.

Aug 29

Disaster Relief for Hurricane Harvey

2017 | by Clint | Category: Disaster Relief,Giving Opportunity,Global,Prayer

With the terrible damage and flooding Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake, many of you are asking what you can do to help and how can you give.

Desert Springs Church has a disaster relief option on our online giving page. Your giving will be collected and sent to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) at this time to help in their aid to the people directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The Southern Baptist Texas Convention Disaster Relief has joined Texas emergency response teams including the Texas Baptist Men, the North American Mission Board (NAMB)’s Disaster Relief teams, the American Red Cross, state police and fire departments, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) teams and more. Southern Baptists in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi are readying volunteers and equipment as well. Read more here about this collaboration. Want give to this effort directly? Here is how.

More information regarding the SB Disaster Relief.