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May 30

An Update from Medical Mission Team 2018

2018 | by Josiah | Category: Uncategorized

20180527_125200Learning to Make Tortillas

“It was a wonderful time when the team made it to San Miguel. For those who have been before, there was rejoicing in meeting up with friends, enjoying familiar sights, sounds, and smells. For those who never have been, they enjoyed being introduced to it all.


“On Sunday, the team attended David’s church. They sang to the Lord in Spanish and Achi. Some of the songs are those sung at Desert Springs Church.

20180527_143133 20180527_135733Team preparing for first Medical Clinic

“The first medical clinic was held on Monday, May 28, in the village of San Francisco. The team saw 58 medical and 24 dental patients. The team met a woman in need of prayer.  Her name is Rosa Linda, she has five children and lost her husband to leukemia two months ago. She has been seen by Dr. Jacobo since that time for a serious throat condition.  He was instrumental in getting her to a specialist. Please pray for her and the situation she finds herself in.

20180529_135235Tooth Extraction

“On Tuesdy, the second clinic was set up in the village of Los Encuentros. The team saw 68 medical patients and 25 in need of dental work. Watching everyone serve the Achi in hot, tiny rooms, loving on them, caring for them was truly a blessing. God’s love flows through his servants for the Achi.

20180529_094451Badly Clogged Ear Being Treated

“Wednesday’s clinic, in the village of El Llano, was the last held in the San Miguel area.  After closing out the clinic in the village, the team dashed to collect their suitcases in city of San Miguel and then set out to the village of Chicholom for the next Medical Clinic.

20180529_092925Receiving Medication after being seen by a Medical Professional20180529_112157Sharing Stickers with Children

“Please continue to pray for the whole team and for wisdom for the medical staff. Pray for continued health and safe travels for everyone, both those from the States and the many locals that join in traveling to work in these clinics. Pray for those who do not know the Lord that they may come to a saving faith through this outreach.”

-Shared by Beth Meier

Feb 10

Please Pray for Our Next Achi Pastors’ Training: February 16-18

2016 | by Clint | Category: Uncategorized

Pastor Clint Moore of Desert Springs and Pastor Parker Landis of Crossroads Bible Church are headed to Achi land to team up with Pastors Steven Morales and Pastor Oscar Morales of Iglesia Reforma in Guatemala City.  Memo Ochoa of Desert Springs will also be along for the trip to better document what God is up to in these training events.  Our prayer and plan is to continue encouraging and training Achi pastors the principles and practical tools for expositional preaching.  Our hope is that the Word of God might continue to saturate these men and their ministries to the churches and their families.  Will you pray that with us?

Here is a short interview we conducted last year with Pastor Fabian Lopez Juarez who helps by leading one of the small groups at the training each year.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.13.54 PM

Dec 1

ISLAM! AH! Less Fear, More Prayer

2015 | by Clint | Category: Uncategorized

When tragedy strikes in the news, it’s easy to let fear take over our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.  May God, by His Spirit and Word confrom our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and responses to Himself more and more.

Consider subscribing to Arab World Media’s (AWM) Monthly Call to Prayer for the Arab World called Breakthrough.

God is moving in the Arab world to bring in those whom he sent Jesus to the cross for.  Check out these recent responses they’ve received through their online ministry:

  • I think I am totally blessed. It is the first time I have found answers to my prayers.
  • I am always fearful about the future and imagine that the worst will happen. But now in the name of Jesus I will be strong and not allow these fears to dominate my life.
  • I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in a dream three months ago. He said to me: ‘Trust that I am He.’ I asked him: ‘Are you Jesus?’ He answered, ‘Yes’.

Also, check out The Gospel Coalition (TGC) as they’ve posted many articles about Muslims and Islam over the past few years that help us as we seek to love and pray for them in the name of Jesus.  Including this one called “10 Things Every Christian Should KNow about Islam” including ” #10 God loves Muslims, and so should we–even those few who are our enemies.”

More prayer to God, less fear of men.