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Dec 1

ISLAM! AH! Less Fear, More Prayer

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When tragedy strikes in the news, it’s easy to let fear take over our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.  May God, by His Spirit and Word confrom our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and responses to Himself more and more.

Consider subscribing to Arab World Media’s (AWM) Monthly Call to Prayer for the Arab World called Breakthrough.

God is moving in the Arab world to bring in those whom he sent Jesus to the cross for.  Check out these recent responses they’ve received through their online ministry:

  • I think I am totally blessed. It is the first time I have found answers to my prayers.
  • I am always fearful about the future and imagine that the worst will happen. But now in the name of Jesus I will be strong and not allow these fears to dominate my life.
  • I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in a dream three months ago. He said to me: ‘Trust that I am He.’ I asked him: ‘Are you Jesus?’ He answered, ‘Yes’.

Also, check out The Gospel Coalition (TGC) as they’ve posted many articles about Muslims and Islam over the past few years that help us as we seek to love and pray for them in the name of Jesus.  Including this one called “10 Things Every Christian Should KNow about Islam” including ” #10 God loves Muslims, and so should we–even those few who are our enemies.”

More prayer to God, less fear of men.

Sep 24

1.5 Billion Muslims Celebrate the Sacrificial Lamb as 700 Die Without THE Sacrificial Lamb

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Two articles worth a read today:

Eid al-Adha: a surprising bridge between Islam and the gospel

Over 700 die in stampede at Mulsim Holy site

Learn more about Eid al-Adha here and here.

May our hearts break for the loss of life and the lostness of so many lives.

Pray especially for our SNAP families as they seek to share with friends the true meaning of God’s sacrificial lamb for and through Abraham.  And watch for opportunities to engage Muslims you know at work or in your neighborhood.  Find out more about their holiday.  Today is their Christmas equivalent.  Learn more, share more.

The nations rage, the kingdoms totter…

He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth;

He breaks the bow and shatters the spear;

He burns the chariots with fire.

Be still and know that I am God.

I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Psalm 46:6a, 9-10

Jun 6

Dental Update on Achi Mission May 2015

Cody in GuatemalaPastor Clint has sent an update from his medical/dental team on the Achi mission. Every patient visiting the dental clinic received prayer and if needed, counseling from Achi speaking Christians before seeing the dentists. Clint and Michelle write:

Buena Vista:
37 patients, 59 extractions

San Fransisco:
24 patients, 40 extractions, 2 patients referred to dentist

El Llano:
15 patients, 14 extractions, 14 children had sealants put on


Day 1:   37 CHE children received well-child checks, 145 sealants were put on children’s teeth

Day 2:   17 patients, 26 extractions, one patient had a cleaning, and one referred for fillings to save the front two teeth from extractions on a 16 year old girl