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Jun 4

Medical Missions Team’s Final Days in Guatemala

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The 2018 Guatemala Medical Mission trip has come to an end.  Not before the team spent a couple more long, hard-working days since the last update.  Thursday, May 30th, the team had made the short, steep drive to Chicholom, the views were stunning. They did the last clinic setup for this trip since the facility holding all the supplies could be locked.

Surrounded by ChildrenSophia Surrounded by Children

Sophia, a teenager who was here last year, once again had a wonderful time playing with the children. Some of the children even remembered her name.

Breathing TreatmentChild Receiving a Nebulizer Treatment in Chicholom Clinic

On Friday, the team’s last clinic was a very busy half day. They had to say good-bye to their Achi friends that they served with before parting ways.  Through slow traffic the DSC team headed to Antigua where they spent the following day debriefing, resting, and being tourists.

20180601_063502The Breakfast Table for the Entire Medical Team (DSC Team & Guatemalans)

Thank you so much for your prayers. They have had safe travel and great success working even in difficult conditions. After a long day of travel, the team arrived back in Albuquerque Sunday afternoon. Please pray for them as they try to catch up on rest and sleep after long hard days and most of them have responsibilities to get back to tomorrow. Pray for the people that were served that they felt God’s love. For those who don’t know the Lord that they come to a saving faith. For those who saw the team for medical reasons that they were of assistance to them.

May 26

Medical Missions Team 2018 Arrives in Guatemala

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2018 Medical Missions Team2018 Medical Missions Team Arrive in Guatemala City
(Pictured from right to left: Jacque, Stephen, Chris, Josiah, Beth, Margaret, Roger, Sophia, Brent, Pam, Joy, not pictured: Memo)

Desert Springs Church’s 12 person medical mission team arrived safely in Guatemala City on Friday, May 25. They traveled with at least 30 bags carrying medical supplies for the following 10 days. On Saturday, they traveled to San Miguel.

Josiah and Jacque had a Guatemalan Jehovah Witness sit between them on the flight to Guatemala City. This gentleman comes from an area near Tactic, one of the places the team will be going to. He remembered missionaries coming to his community to teach the children how to brush their teeth. He then thanked the two for what we are doing. Please pray for this gentleman, Dieter, as they were able to share from the Bible how Jesus is God. He was open to those verses. He will be on the same return flight as the team to the States. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to continue to share with him.

Packed Out GMMT2018The van traveling to San Miguel is completely packed out

Please pray for safe travels and health as the team faces a full schedule in the days to come going to different villages around the area of San Miguel. Pray for the entire team, both those from the States and those from Guatemala as they serve the Rabinal Achi.

Reason for prayers for safe travels: 20180526_112112The team passed this accident not too long after getting out of Guatemala City.

Feb 13

2018 Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala

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This year DSC is planning to return to serve the Rabinal Achi in Guatemala with a Medical Missions team. The dates have shifted to a day later than previously announced. It is set for May 25-June 3.

If you would like to get more details about this year’s trip, you can sign up here or on the DSC app. This sign up only expresses interest and serves as a request for more information on the trip.

Please pray for individuals as they consider going to serve in this capacity, for the work that will be done by the team God is gathering, for preparations that will be done during this next few months, and for the heart of those that the team will be in contact with during this trip.