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Nov 22

Thankful for Redemption Church

As we celebrate a holiday full of thankfulness to God for grace, provision, and unity in our Savior, I can’t help but thank Him especially for our first local church plant, Redemption Church.

Here is a note from Pastor Carlos:

Dear DSC Family,

We have had a blessed and busy fall here at Redemption Church in Rio Rancho. In September our Redemption Kids area started a new curriculum from Children Desiring God that has helped our kids see the grace, love and glory of our Great God. Hearing my kids explain what they are learning and understanding on Sunday afternoons has been such a blessing.

We also started a new series that we pray to use for future membership classes. The series is called “DNA: Who We Are, What We Believe”, in it we provided a good foundation of what we doctrinally believe are important to the life of Redemption Church. This has helped our young church have a clearer understanding on what theological foundation Redemption Church is built upon.

Going forward we believe the vision for Redemption Church is as follows: Redemption Church is a diverse and united, Spirit empowered community with Jesus at the center on mission to see our city and our world transformed by the Gospel. This is our aim, and our vision for what we believe Redemption Church is to be in Rio Ranch and New Mexico as we stay on our mission to make disciples and plant churches.

Starting on Dec. 2nd we will begin our first Advent Series, that will prepare us for our first Christmas as a church. We are excited to see what God does and who He brings to hear the gospel. We will also be holding our 2nd Baptism service on December 9th which is something we get really excited about and plan to have a huge celebration for.

We are also learning from Acts 29 churches (the network Redemption is part of) about what it means to be a church that plants churches by looking at ways to train up men and women, and the possibility of doing church planting residencies. While the talks are early, we really are excited to see what Jesus will do through this here in New Mexico and across the globe.

Speaking of across the globe, one of our pastors and his wife (Aaron and Meredith) recently traveled to North Africa, where they will be sent out of Redemption in partnership with DSC to plant churches and make disciples in 2015 Lord willing. They learned more about the areas they will be living in and got some fellowship time with those that are already on the ground there. We look forward to setting forth a vision of support, prayer and being part of God’s global mission to the “ends of the earth”.

We are blessed by the prayers and support we receive from our brothers and sisters at Desert Springs Church, by God’s grace we are seeing growth and a gospel community thriving here in Rio Rancho, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we believe this is only the beginning!

It’s All About Jesus,
Pastor Los

Please pray for Carlos and his family, as his sweet mother (who was also Redemption Church’s first ever baptism) passed from this life into the presence of Jesus yesterday.

Carlos wrote the following:

We weep but do not despair.  She can truly now say: “Death where is your sting?!?”

Amen.  Thank you Jesus!

Oct 5

SNAP Survey 2012 and Church Planting

In this video, Pastor of Community Groups Jay Rush discusses some of the impacts the SNAP survey trip back in June 2012 had on him, his wife, and their missions giving.  He also discusses how planting churches locally is strategic for global church planting.

If you are not yet giving to church planting, click here to read more about the vision, or here to set up an automatic offering to church planting.

The original goal was $1 per day (beyond normal giving to DSC) toward church planting in 2011, then $2 per day in 2012.  And even now, many are praying that God will provide $3 per day through them in 2013 for church planting local and global.



Sep 17

Adoption at Redemption (and DSC)

2012 | by Clint | Category: Adoption,Redemption Church

Last month Pastor Bryan interviewed Jason Mancini, DSC’s adoption ministry leader, and his wife Amy along with Redemption Church leaders Gabe and Gelaine Jensen. They discussed their international adoption stories as well as ways folks can support orphans and widows here in Albuquerque.

Here is a screenshot of (and link to) the Redemption Church’s blog post:

The DSC Adoption Ministry will be teaching an “Introduction To Adoption” class on Sunday October 7th, 14th, and 21st, at 10:45am in the conference room. Join us as we magnify the adopting grace of God the Father in Christ Jesus and learn the basics of foster care, domestic and international adoptions. To sign up or if you have any questions, please email Jason Mancini at

And, finally, if you are interested in learning more about the DSC Adoption Ministry, be sure to attend the next Bimonthly Adoption Fellowship scheduled for October 19th.  Email Jason for more details.