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Sep 5

Want to serve Redemption? Pray with and for Them as They Plan.

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Pastor Carlos wrote last week on Redemption Church’s blog:

Praying is a vital thing for the Christian life, as well as for the life and health of any church. At Redemption, we believe that God has called us to the mission of making disciples and planting churches in New Mexico and beyond. This mission requires prayer. Without prayer, and without God going before us, we have no chance of staying on mission or seeing our mission prosper. That being said, we are, and by God’s grace will always be, a praying church. We work to saturate our Sunday morning gatherings in prayer before, during, and after. We also seek to pray together in our community groups as we do life together. There is no question that praying is a vital thing for Redemption Church.

What about planning? Planning can seem “unspiritual”. Aren’t we supposed to just “be faithful”, and see what God does? The answer is yes, and no. We, as a church, are called to be faithful to our Savior and King Jesus. We rest and find our authority in His Word alone. We believe that we must proclaim the gospel every chance we get. Part of our faithfulness to Jesus, however, is found in our planning. We believe that plans saturated by prayer are powerful things used by God to further His Kingdom and to see more disciples made, all for His Glory.

We see prayer-saturated plans in the 1st chapter of Nehemiah. Nehemiah learns of the devastation of Jerusalem, and is broken over what has happened. As the king’s cupbearer, he is in a position to do something about it. He prays that God would give him the chance to help his city. The moment comes and when the Persian king asks what he wants, Nehemiah’s plans are ready to be implemented. In the few months that Nehemiah was praying, he was also faithfully planning and trusting for a future God-given opportunity.

We want to model Nehemiah’s faith at Redemption. We are constantly praying to God that He would allow us to be a church where we see many people meet Jesus, where we celebrate many baptisms, and where we are able to “seek the welfare of the city”. In addition to these prayers, we are also making plans to illustrate how that would come about. This planning includes our membership process, how our leadership is structured, and what it means to be a church-planting church. We want to be ready for the moments God opens a door that we are praying towards.

Last week Redemption held their first Elder Led Prayer Night, where they sought to share the heart, vision, and mission of Redemption, and to bathe it in prayer from God’s people.  We can support by praying for wisdom as they move forward with the mission to reach more and more people for Christ.  And may God use us to do the same in our lives and neighborhoods.

Aug 29

Redemption Church Update

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

Are you supporting the mission of DSC to plant churches that plant churches that plant churches…?

Go here to find out more.


Pastor Carlos writes:

Our first summer is coming to an end at Redemption Church. We began the summer with our first service in our new location over Memorial Weekend, followed by our official launch and “grand opening” service. Much has happened at Redemption Church that we want to celebrate and praise God for.

In July we installed our first elders. Pastor Bryan Lopez and Pastor Aaron C. had served as Elder Candidates since January. Pastor Ron Giese and Clint M. from Desert Springs joined us and prayed with me as we installed these men as elders at Redemption Church. I am blessed to serve alongside these godly men who love their wives and children, strive to be on mission to the lost and have a heart for the church.

We also saw our first community group send out and plant a new community group. We now have four community groups doing life together on mission in our area with our other two groups preparing to plant new groups as well.

In Sept. we will begin a new teaching series called “DNA”. In this series we will dive into who we are and what we believe as a church. This series will form our first opportunity for people to formally become members of Redemption Church. Later in October, Pastor Aaron and I will head to North Africa for a survey trip. I pray to learn more about the mission he and his family are hoping to pursue when they are sent out in a few years.

We have been blessed with an awesome summer and are excited for the future that lies ahead. The Lord has blessed this church, and we pray that many in Rio Rancho and surrounding areas will come to know and love our great Savior and Senior Pastor, Jesus!

If you want to be a part of planting churches locally and globally, check out the church planting page, and prayerfully considering giving in order to futher the cause. There are about 100 folks at DSC giving on a regular basis to church planting, and we’d love to see that number grow to half of DSC members. Most started at $1 per day in 2011 to church planting (beyond their normal giving), with an eye for $2 per day in 2012, $3 per day in 2013, and beyond…

Our mission at Desert Springs is to spread God’s glory broader and deeper. The primary way this is done (according to Jesus) is by making disciples that make disciples that make disciples. As disciples are made, there is a need for disciple outposts (churches) to be planted to shepherd them and send them out. Will you join us in this mission to plant churches that plant churches?

Aug 27

Props to God for Redemption Church

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

A DSC Family writes:

My wife and I visited Redemption Church last Sunday to show some love and encourage our brothers and sisters there. I was awestruck at how wonderfully God is using Pastor Carlos as a powerful teacher of his Word. I would have been quite content to sit there and drink up as much as he would dish out. He quite literally seems to preach straight from his heart with a passion, love for the Word, and fear of God that cannot be faked or probably even learned. It was so sweet to see our good God at work in the body in Rio Rancho.

Thank you Jesus for your work in and through Redemption Church!

Please God, continue to use Redemption Church to shine the light of the gospel!

May more and more come to faith as Your glory spreads broader and deeper there!

And please keep us faithful to pray for them and give toward their mission to make much of Jesus in ABQ, Rio Rancho, North Africa, and beyond!