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Sep 10

Donate Your Children’s Clothing In the Name of Christ

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Love INC,Mission Opportunity

Love INC is one of our Local Missions strategic partners to reach the city for Christ through proclamation of the gospel as we meet their needs in deed.  A few Community Groups at DSC have been considering various ways to partner with Love INC including financial counseling, bus passes, Bibles, and even baby clothes.

One such group at DSC is led by Kyle Junick.  They will be collecting baby through 6 year old children’s clothes to bless families in Albuquerque who need them. Drop boxes for clothes are located in the children’s foyer by the check in computers.

Kyle writes:

Our Community Group is partnering with Love INC by collecting and distributing children’s clothing to those in need. If a person or family contacts a church in a time of need that local church knows that they can refer them to Love INC to get the help that they need. They contact Love INC and go through a thorough screening process to determine a) if they are in legitimate need and b) to determine what that need(s) are.

In the case of our Community Group, after a family contacts Love INC, goes through the screening process and is determined to need children’s clothing, Love INC will contact our Community Group to see if we have clothes available to meet those needs. Our hope, through donating some of our own childrens’ clothes and collecting them from the DSC body, is to have enough clothes to fill 1-2 “orders” per month. As we see how this plays out we hope, Lord willing, to fill more than 1-2 “orders” per month.

Our goal is not to just deliver clothes and hit the road. We hope to spend some time with the families when we deliver the clothes, pray with them (if they’re willing), invite them to DSC and, finally, to follow up. Our desire is not for this to be a one time encounter with these families but to, Lord willing, foster relationships with them and share Christ’s love with them.

Even as we seek to serve the greater Albuquerque unchurched we will also be eager to help meet needs in the body here at DSC.  So if you know of someone at DSC who cannot afford clothing for their children, please point them our way by emailing

Here is a video about Love INC.

If you’d like to get involved with serving Love INC, they could use a host of volunteers with all kinds of gift sets (administrative, people skills, database, helps teams, financial counselors, thrift shop workers, and more).  Email Josh (DSC’s Love INC liaison) to find out more and to get started Loving Albuquerque In the Name of Christ (INC).

If you’d like to get into a Community Group in order to grow and serve along side others, email

Aug 24

“Money and Me” – A Financial Counseling Outreach through Love INC

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Love INC,Mission Opportunity

Love INC, one of our strategic local partners, is rolling out their offering of “Money and Me” as a way to counsel folks with acute financial problems.  This is one way in which Love INC seeks to mobilize churches in Albuquerque to love folks in the name of Christ (INC).

If you have any inclination toward these issues, please consider helping Love INC out by being trained and mobilized to serve in this capacity.  Perhaps a Community Group or two could adopt this as a local mission project and use it as a way to build relationships with non Christians, and serve the City we love.


And in case you missed it last time, here’s a video highlighting what Love INC is all about: (note, this is a different chapter of Love INC, in a different city, but their heart and vision are the same).