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Nov 19

Sharing Jesus with Friends and Family During the Holidays

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Mission Opportunity,Prayer

Back in 2011, Trent blogged about a great resource called Bringing the Gospel Home: Witnessing to Family Members, Close Friends, and Others

Who Know You Well, written by Randy Newman.  Just this past Sunday I saw a copy of it in the DSC Resource and simply seeing the title again challenged me to be thoughtful and prayerful as the holidays approach.  Here’s a review of the book over at The Gospel Coalition.

Who in your family that you will see again this month and next need to meet Jesus?  How will you go about praying for them, understanding them, serving them, and looking for opportunities to speak the truth in love to them?

In the blog post form last year, there is also a very helpful video that I’d encourage you to watch again or for the first time.  In it, Randy encourages a patient, loving, and thoughtful approach to discussing spiritual issues with family members and close friends.

As you think about Thanksgiving and Christmas (and really the rest of the year too), and as you think about interacting with family and close friends a fresh, please continue to pray that God will use you.

Here are some more resources from Randy Newman as well, including excerpts from the book.

Here are some ways you can be praying:(taken from Heart of Evangelism by Jerram Barrs)

Asking God…

  • to work in the hearts and minds of people we know to draw them to Himself – John 6:44
  • for open doors in our relationships to talk about the Gospel – Colossians 4:3
  • for courage/boldness to walk through doors by speaking boldly and clearly – Ephesians 6:19-20

And for more encouragement and teaching in this area, please refer to our past seminars with Jerram Barrs.  They contain several encouraging stories of patient, winsome relationships and proclamation that have led to conversion and discipleship.

May God use His family to reach their families for Christ.



Nov 14

The Harpers Need a Pickup – Can You Help?

2012 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,Native American,Prayer

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I’m most thankful for is my vehicle.  It’s reliable, it helps me get places faster than walking, and it even carries other things (like family and stuff).

Well, because of their new appointment to General Director of Western Indian Ministries (WIM), our in house missionaries to Native America (Chuck and Cindy Harper) are in need of a pickup truck.  Does anyone have one they could donate?  Or would you like to give toward this end?  We will collect funds for the rest of the year on behalf of the Harpers.  You can give by writing a check and putting it in a missions envelope (white and red) at DSC and dropping it in the offering box.  What a great way to bless the Harpers during these holidays, bless their ministry at WIM, and through WIM, the nations!

Hear from Chuck directly about “How does DSC fit into the dreams of WIM?”

And “How can DSC folks help WIM right away?”

Email Chuck and Cindy at to get involved.


Nov 9

Barrera Bulletin – October 2012

2012 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi

**You may have heard of the earthquake in Guatemala.  Well, everyone we know is reporting they are ok.  We praise God for that.**

The update below is from our dear partners in ministry to the Rabinal Achi, Carol and Rodrigo Barrera.  Lord willing, we are planning for them to visit DSC next October for our Missions Emphasis Sunday, and to be a part of our newly formed tradition:  Dinner with Missionaries.

In this Bulletin:

  • Updates from an evangelism training
  • Testimony of the Achi New Testament gaining more usage
  • A close call vehicle accident
  • An update on Baby Sherly.

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua – 2009

The Storying Workshop they refer to is a training on how to memorize Bible stories for the sake of telling them to folks who are open to listening, and to encourage these folks to also memorize the stories in order to go and tell others.  It is a very strategic way to do evangelism and even discipleship in a mostly oral culture like the Achi.

Barrera Bulletin – October, 2012

Storying Workshop

The workshop itself went well, with more participants than we had anticipated. We got a very pleasant surprise during the workshop. However, there were two incidents, one before and one after the workshop which were of considerable concern.

Before: A young Mayan man from a language group on the other side of this country, really wanted to come to the previous storying workshop, but was prevented from doing so at the last minute. This time he made it as far as Guatemala City (a very long bus ride). Soon after he got off the bus, robbers took everything he had, including his clothes for the week. Rodrigo gave him the money to get home, but this was a disappointment to him and us.

During: The first day included a module on Discipleship Training. Over 50 leaders attended that. The next two days were dedicated to the storying technique, with over 30 in attendance.

Some of them had been to the previous course. I asked one of them if he learned anything new. He said that this time he understood the concepts better. This pastor is the father of little Sherly, the baby with the congenital heart disease. The last time he and his family stayed at our house, I had urged him to have the goal of training several people to do Bible readings in Achí for the services. Frankly, I didn’t think he would do it. But to our delight he informed us that he had a group of eight young people who were studying the Achí New Testament. They listen to a chapter from the audio version of the NT on the Proclaimer player, then read it out loud themselves. Two of them were catching on so fast that they read during a recent service. The congregation was electrified! “Pure Proclaimer!” they explained, meaning that they were reading like the “professionals” on the recording. Also, these young people usually just sit in the services and don’t participate. The pastor is leading the class, but he says he himself is learning to read Achí by this process.

After: Carl, one of the two men who came to for this course, stayed on for a week to make home visits and do some teaching. On this past Sunday, one of our close friends here borrowed our Jeep to take Carl to a village church service. Accompanying them was Irma, our dear Guatemalan “daughter” (who was translating for Carl), along with her toddler and baby.

Coming back, as they passed over a bridge, part of the road collapsed under the back rear tire, flipping the Jeep over and plunging it into a hole, wedging it into a retaining wall that kept them from falling into the river. There was only a tiny crawl space through one shattered window, through which they could escape. We are so thankful that the jeep roof didn’t cave in when it landed upside down. They were badly shaken up, suffered bruises, some small cuts and are still very sore.

For the time being we are without a vehicle, since our KIA has been out of commission for a month or so. Rodrigo is trying to get it fixed. The decision is still out on the Jeep, which was towed to a shop for evaluation. (It has over 200,000 miles on it.) But the important thing, for which we are extremely grateful, is that none of our dear friends died in this accident!

Their only way to escape from the car was to crawl out that little window space next to wall.

Update on Baby Sherly: At long last, doctors in the US were able to receive the echo cardiogram done on Sherly several months ago. Negotiations are being made between doctors in Guatemala City and in Loma Linda Hospital in California to see if arrangements can be made for Sherly and her family to get visas to the US for her to undergo heart surgery there. The Desert Springs Church is Albuquerque, which sends teams here every year, continue to work on the logistics of all of this.

Thank you for praying for Sherly, the workshop, protection and the spread of God’s Word in this area.


Many of you have met the Barreras, but even if you haven’t, and feel compelled and able, please consider supporting their ministry through prayer and finances.  DSC gives them financial support each month, but they could always use more, for example, based on this recent accident that happened with their vehicle.

Here’s how you can:

Send your check to:  Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 Orlando, FL 32862-8200