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Oct 8

North Africa in the News – Some Perspective

With our hopes through the Sunrise North AFrica Partnership (SNAP) to send a church planting team beginning in 2014 to this part of the world, it makes sense to gather some perspective on recent events and how we can understand them better and be praying for them.

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?  (Romans 10:14-15 ESV)

What better place to go than those that have served in this area (some presently, some in the past) to get some perspective and some prayer points?

One worker with our partners over at PIONEERS says this:

Recent world events have seen attention directed once again to the Mus1im world.  News from foreign friends living in Libya are saying that everyone is very apologetic to them about what happened with the ambassador there and are very outspoken about their opposition to the radical group that has committed this act.  Our friends are finding more and more openness among Libyans since the recent change in government there.  This is a huge praise and we are asking you to join with us in praying for a great harvest in that country and for doors to open for more laborers to be sent into this harvest.

In other countries there are expressions of anger against those who would defame the name of their prophet.  This is a great offense to our Mus1im friends and we need to know how to walk in wisdom and speak the truth in love.  Their concept of free speech is quite different than most of ours, and their understanding of how we are to respond to ridicule is far from what Jesus taught us.   It’s at times like these we need to remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of darkness.  Pray that the spiritual strongholds that bind them will be broken and that God will open their eyes lead them into hope and freedom in Jesus Christ.

You know how “JESUS” is the answer to almost every question that is asked in Sunday school?  Well it’s a good answer.  Let’s remember this is the answer to the question of how do we deal with the M*s1im in our midst.  It’s JESUS!  If each of us determines to be the love of Jesus to one or two M*s1ims in our lives, can you imagine the change the church could bring to the M*s1im community around us?  Give it a try.  They just need to experience the power of the love of Christ shared boldly in word and deed.

Another of our friends in the region says this:

No doubt you have seen news reports about violent groups in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Tunisia, attacking embassies in response to the deliberately inflammatory anti-Muslim film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’.   Most people in these countries will realize that there is no relation between governments and what individuals post on YouTube, but those seeking a pretext to attack the West have taken an opportunity to do so as a response to this film.

Please pray:

  • For our teams and other local Christians, that they may be given wisdom and safety, as it is difficult to know how things might unfold.
  • For the recently elected moderate Muslim governments of these countries, that they may have the courage to address the threat of violent groups who seriously threaten stability and personal freedoms.

If you aren’t yet helping us plant churches through prayer and giving (beyond normal church giving) then check out our church planting page, as well as the Sunrise North Africa Partnership page.

Sep 25

Please Pray for Baby Sherly

2012 | by Clint | Category: Prayer,Rabinal Achi

This past summer, The Well young adult mission to the Achi spent some time in a small village called Santa Ines.

The Well team leader, Deacon Marvin G. of DSC writes:

Pastor Rene Mendoza is a Nazarene Pastor in the village of Santa Ines. Eder Ixcopal and OR4 have been ministering to Pastor Rene and Santa Ines for more than a year now.  They have seen great fruit and they have seen clear evidence of spiritual warfare as well.

This past summer, the young adult mission team from DSC, along with OR4 from San Miguel, had the privilege of ministering with sports, praise, worship, children’s and young adult ministries to Santa Ines.  We also were able to do a number of home visits and pray with a number of families.  Santa Ines is very remote from San Miguel so it was necessary to stay overnight in the village.  Pastor Rene hosted us in his humble, but very warm home and provided meals. This was a very blessed time for all of us and we were able to watch Pastor Rene minister to his congregation and to the village of Santa Ines.  He is a very warm and loving and very, very fun pastor; very much loved by his congregation.  This was a very special time for us from DSC, to see the love of Christ modeled in such a loving manner.  We all walked away closer to Christ and in love with Pastor Rene and his family.  And it was clear why OR4 had a passion for Santa Ines.

Now that we have returned from Guatemala and we have found out that the youngest daughter of the Mendoza family, Sherly (9 months old), has what seems to be a congenital heart problem and her health has been deteriorating.  She has been been seen by hospitals in Salama and Guatemala City, without resolution. Eder has brought this to DSC as a prayer request and several DSC members have been involved in seeking possible solutions for baby Sherly.  At least three M.D.’s at DSC are currently tracking with Sherly’s health and working multiple possible solutions for her and her family.

Pastor Rene Mendoza and his family, including his 9 month old, Sherly.

Please pray for:

  • Comfort and God’s provision for the Mendoza family
  • The health and comfort for baby Sherly Mendoza
  • Wisdom and grace for medical staff and facilities in Guatemala
  • For financial provision for the Mendoza family as they continue to seek help for Sherly
  • For opportunities that are being pursued by physicians in DSC to open up as God sees fit to be glorified in restoring the health

Sep 21

Day of Prayer at Western Indian Ministries (WIM) – Sep 30th

As part of our Native American Partnership with Western Indian Ministires (WIM), we would like to encourage as many folks as possible to go and spend an afternoon on September 30th finding out more about what God is up to through WIM, as well as praying for and with the folks in the ministry.



General Director (and DSC Missionary) Chuck Harper writes:

We’re having a very special event and you’re invited! WIM is beginning a new chapter in our history – and we are seeking Gods direction and blessing. We know that if we seek Him, and remain faithful to Him, and follow HIS ways, He will do exceedingly more than we could ever ask.    We truly believe that the best days of the mission are still to come.

Please join us on Sunday, September 30 on the campus of Western Indian Ministries in Tse Bonito NM  (Window Rock, AZ) as our guest for our DAY OF PRAYER!

We intend to humble ourselves and pray, seek Gods ways, and ask for HIS blessings as we follow HIM.

Email Chuck and Cindy for more details of the event.