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Aug 21

APH Summer 2015 Update

Leticia Chavez-Paulette, Executive Director at APH, is gearing up for their annual “A Peaceful Habitation Fashion Show” in October. A Peaceful Habitation (APH), one of our supported missions, extends Christ’s unconditional love, hope, and safe, drug and alcohol free transitional housing for women who are re-entering society from an institutional setting. APH’s goal is to teach the Word of God as well as assist these women to become independent, God-centered, contributing members of society. Leticia shares a summer update below:APH1APH2APH3APH4APH5APH6APH7APH8APH9

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, October 24 to attend the Fall Fashion Show. To support this ministry or for more information go to


Jun 26

LoveINC’s Community Connections Creates Relationships

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Jun 20

Serve the City 2015 Recap

2015 | by Clint | Category: A Peaceful Habitation (APH),Care Net,Local,Love INC

In April, DSC joined other churches around Albuquerque to love and serve the city that God has placed us in. Pastor Clint would like to share just a glimpse of what this unique experience looked like:

Every spring we try to use God’s created plant kingdom to help our kiddos understand how the gospel spreads in this world. For example, just this spring we have been comparing our (mostly) healthy lawn to the gospel thriving in and among a people group (or part of my yard). There are other parts of our landscape that are naturally more dry and require a certain kind of plant that can survive with less water and less fertile soil. My boys and I pretend these are places where the gospel hasn’t taken root as broadly, but are still surviving, growing, and bearing flower and fruit.

Then there is our raised planter bed. This is where we plant a small vegetable garden each spring. It’s nothing special, but it is good for gospel-spreading missions lessons for first graders. Throughout the winter this planter is full of hard-packed dirt from rambunctious boys and soccer balls trampling up and over it with little regard. With small rocks scattered throughout and dry soil, it is a less than ideal place to plant seeds of truth.

The “grass lawn” people group is covered in life as the gospel has been planted, watered, and become well established. The “xeriscape” people group has areas of gospel life springing up already, but still needs special attention and prayer as to make sure the gospel stays there and spreads out. The planter is a land of unbelief and lack of gospel access.

So, how do we as the church (our family) care for this world (our landscape)? We make sure to keep feeding and caring for the lawn (Albuquerque) where the gospel has strong roots and widespread acceptance. We still seek out the dry and weak patches and feed and care for them even more, seeking to share the gospel with those that don’t yet know. As for the xeriscape yard (Guatemala and Native America), we keep watering, pruning, and asking God to bring fruit and spread His Kingdom.

We don’t neglect any of these areas for the sake of the vegetable garden (North Africa), but we do give special prayer, attention, and resources to North Africa, especially in the SPRING. For North Africa we pray, asking God to soften the soil so that it might be ready to receive and grow the gospel seed that is planted. As we till the soil and remove rocks from our vegetable garden we ask God to move stones in the fields of North Africa, obstacles to the gospel in the hearts of people. Jesus said, “No one comes to me unless the father who sent me draws them to me…” John 6:44 (ESV). Jesus, please draw many in North Africa to yourself!

North Africa and the Middle East seem to be hard on the surface, but our partners report that the tilling of persecution and unrest across the region is producing a softness toward the gospel in some of the people. After the rototiller and some soil amendments from the Lord, our planter is ready for seed. As we plant the seed we ask God to give our SNAP families opportunities to share the gospel. We pray that God will give open doors (Colossians 4:2) for them to speak the gospel with boldness and clarity (Ephesians 6:19) just as Paul asked the New Testament churches to pray for him.

Finally, we water the seeds asking God to help our workers go deep with the believers that are there, encouraging them, making them disciple-makers, and challenging them to reproduce their faith. Then we wait on the Lord watching and praying eagerly for budding, growth, and fruit.

May God cause us to own the mission of spreading the good news of His Son’s death and resurrection to friends, family, neighbors and the nations. Let us remember to bring our kiddos (and grandkiddos) along for the ride.

Serve the City was a great way to keep ABQ green with gospel witness as 500 folks from a handful of churches served across the city in Jesus’s name. You can get more involved regularly with any our local partners year round. And you can help us send out workers to the fields of North Africa by attending several SPRING for SNAP 2015 events. Click here for a full list, or click here to give more regularly to church planting locally and globally. “Some plant, others water, but God gives growth.” – Paul

Clint Moore

Elder and Staff of Missions and Community Groups


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