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Apr 3

Guatemala March 2009 Medical and Dental Mission

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From Michelle E.

The March 2009 trip consisted of two teams each going for a week to serve our Achi brothers and sisters. Each team had about 15 members from DSC and was truly inter-generational. The youngest member, Michael, was 7 years old and came with his mother. Michael took it upon himself to raise funds to bring 15 soccer balls to the children attending the schools where we served. He soon found out he would be “attacked” by the children wanting a ball and had to present the balls to the principal of the schools and allow the principal to set the rules of when the balls could be used!

Medical and dental care along with a pharmacy was offered at each site. We were joined by many Achi and Spanish speaking Guatemalans to make the delivery of care possible. Dental care consisted of  mainly tooth extractions, but due to generous donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste from the DSC body and fluoride varnishes from two dental companies we were able to offer preventive care to hundreds of children this year.

Children awaiting dental care

The medical team saw 270 patients in 6 villages with malnutrition, rashes, headaches, arthritis, eye problems, infections, cold/flu viruses, and stomach problems. Again, the donations for medications were invaluable to these people with so little resources to good medical care.

We were honored to be able to serve and show the love of Christ through offering medical and dental care to so many lost souls. We were able to serve in one community that had not previously allowed “outsiders” to treat them. God blessed the team with good health, memories and friendships within Achiland that will never be forgotten. We always return feeling more blessed than any service we can give the people of Guatemala.