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Sep 6

Ambassador Training III – Character of an Ambassador Starts Sunday (Sep 9)

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The question is not whether you are an ambassador for Christ or not. 2 Corinthians 5:20 makes it clear that we all are ambassadors. The real question is: are you prepared and equipped for the job?

This fall, starting September 9th at 10:45AM in the West Wing, we will be discussing the Character of an Ambassador.  Does your life, attitude, and heart line up with the message that you proclaim?

What does it mean to represent a king and a kingdom in a foreign land? It means to be on a mission with a message—the message of reconciliation. We are called as Christ’s ambassadors to get into people’s lives, love them, and tell them the message of the kingdom. This message is that, though we have sinned in rebellion against God, He has made a way to be reconciled through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Do you know this message? Do you love this message? Do you speak this message? Do you know folks that need to hear this message? Do you need help presenting this message to them?  Ambassador Training is designed to explore the following elements of being an ambassador for Christ:

Ambassador I: Knowledge – Do you know the message of reconciliation? Can you articulate it clearly and concisely? (Next Offering TBA)

Ambassador II: Wisdom – Do you know how to thoughtfully and winsomely manage conversations in order to communicate the message of reconciliation? This section will focus on shedding light, rather than heat, as we use simple and gracious ways to expose faulty thinking as well as talk about how to respond when you just do not know the answer to someone’s question. This section also deals with tools an ambassador can use to help communicate the message. (Next Offering TBA)

Ambassador III: Character – Do you live a lifestyle and display a manner that affirms your message or undermines it? (Next Offering Begins on Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 10:45 AM)

These classes do not have to be taken in order.  If you’d like to attend, email or just show up this Sunday in the West Wing at 10:45AM.