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Dec 15

Christmas Store is Happening! Please Pray…

2012 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Local,Love INC

As I type, there are several folks walking through our Christmas store at DSC, interacting with our members, and being loved by Jesus through us. This is also happening at our two sites on the Navajo Reservation, and will happen more this week at Juntos and East Central Ministries.

Already here at DSC we’ve had the chance to share the gospel with folks, pray for them, and invite them to the Christmas Ever Service. Please pray with us that God will use these services in deed to open up the door for ministry of the Word.  Some DSCers working at the store are offering rides to families that need them to the Christmas eve service.

We also have eight people already signed up for the budgeting class “Money and Me” we will be offering here at DSC in February as a part of our partnership with LOVE INC.

In all of this we are praying that God makes a way for relationships to develop and gospel to be proclaimed.

Please join us by praying and by watching out for new faces at church at Christmas and the coming weeks.  Say hello to an unfamiliar face.  Ask them how long they’ve been at DSC.  Make them feel welcomed and loved.